Lizzy’s saga continues: Loving owner dies and Foster Paws Rescue is there once again to save her

UPDATE: January 24 6:35 p.m. Lizzy is safely out of the shelter!

Freedom picture
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This is a sad update on Lizzy, whose story you first read about on PoC back in November. Lizzy was found by a Good Samaritan in pitiful condition, and Foster Paws took her in under their wing, had her medical needs treated then found her a forever home. Unfortunately, forever came to a sad end with the death of her loving owner, Deb. Lizzy once again ended up in need of Foster Paws Rescue after she and her furbaby roommates (I’ve heard there were six other cats but information is unconfirmed at this time) were brought to Greenville County Animal Care Services following the death of her owner.

Lizzy AKA “Fang” turned in to Greenville shelter after her owner died

There have been a few offers to foster Lizzy, known as Fang at the shelter. Foster Paws is still in the process of arranging her rescue and hope to get her out of the shelter sometime Tuesday. She’s going to need repeat bloodwork and canned food. At the moment that’s all the information available on this sweet girl.

Lizzy is stable right now-thin but stable. She’s actually better than when she was rescued back in November, as her eyes and nose have cleared up.

This is the post that appeared on the Greenville County Pet Rescue wall. An identical post was sent out with pleas for rescue.



This is Fang #34412655 she is about 10 years old and came into the shelter in bad shape only weighing 4 pounds.
Below are notes from the vet;
“BAR, eupneic, HR 240 with no murmurs, no arrhythmias. p is very thin and boney, BCS 3/9, unkempt coat, only one tooth seen, left maxillary canine. nasal planum appears malshaped. no palpable thyroid slip”
Her pull fee is $29 she will only be getting microchip, combo test, and shots
She needs to leave the shelter by Thursday January 26th, she can leave before then!

Lizzy at the time of her November adoption

Please share Foster Paws Rescue’s need for assistance to ensure Lizzy gets the care she needs. This poor girl has been through it, with being on her own until she was near death and now most likely grieving for the woman who loved her. Their Facebook page is here, or click here for their website. They’re a very well respected rescue and known for saving many cats at this kill shelter.

Animal advocates are also working into the night to raise additional funds via Facebook on her shelter thread and will be handed over to Foster Paws once she’s out of the shelter. Donations can also be made directly through PayPal at

This story shows how quickly and how passionately animal advocates came together to once again help Lizzy. It also gives a harsh lesson on what happens when a plan isn’t in place, should the owner pass away. A lot of cats and dogs end up in a shelter, through no fault of their own, when the owner dies.


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2 thoughts on “Lizzy’s saga continues: Loving owner dies and Foster Paws Rescue is there once again to save her”

  1. Thanks for this Elisa. It is a bit sad. It makes it tougher for Lizzy but as she is a bit of celebrity despite her appearance she should find someone to give her the right sort of home.

    • You wouldn’t believe how fast my Facebook inbox started filling up once her photo was posted on the shelter page. I kind of get pulled into articles like this one.


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