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Local Feral Cats in Pennsylvania, USA — 4 Comments

  1. We trap the feral cats and kittens get them spayed and neuter . We release the adults back out. But the kittens under 3 months of age we tame them and try to get them there forever homes. We are located in Erie pa .

  2. It started 5 yrs ago on Thanksgiving 2 kittens showed up in the yard hungry. I fed them..I now have 3 inside but I have around 12 on my porch. I am going broke feeding them and I need help getting them trapped and neutered!!! I am a flight attendant and am away 16 days a month. My fiancé helps when I am gone. BUT, I REALLY NEED HELP. I have become so attached to them, when they die I cry for weeks. My heart hurts just thinking of it.

    Can anyone help me PLEASE….I would be so appreciative..

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