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Locked out: 90-year-old Michigan woman dies of hypothermia while feeding birds and cats — 6 Comments

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  2. This story is so sad. Ada’s heart and soul have already been blessed through her kindness to less fortunate creatures. 😥💜💜🐾🗝️

  3. I would not be surprised to find meself in her position someday because it is not in my genetic makeup to allow any cat to go hungry be them mine or not but I also know to keep my door ajar abnout 1/2 an inch when I go outside in sub temps to feed the cats in the heated shelter i have provided for them,I wonder if those cats now will still be fed by the neighbors.

  4. Oh, Lord. This could, actually, be me. There is nothing that stops me from caretaking. I have been out in hurricane winds greater than 100 mph just to make sure that cats are hunkered down somewhere and not roaming (flying) or trapped under falling debris.
    This poor woman died doing what she loved and felt her mission was. I’m sorry that she hadn’t gotten to a neighbor when she found herself locked out. She’ll be in a very special place. R.I.P., Ada.

  5. Just awfully sad. Keeping an eye out, offering a helping hand to the vulnerable in communities is so important. The offers of help may be rebuffed, keeping an eye out for a person might be rejected as ‘nosiness’ but those simple contacts may save a life.

    Poor, kind lady.

  6. This breaks my heart so much. Some people might think “She had a long life, at least.” which is not the point at all. You need to put yourself in her place, or imagine if she was someone close to you at the very least. The very young usually have someone looking over them at all times, but they and the elderly are especially vulnerable, and no one looked after this kind old soul. She put herself in the vulnerable animals’ place (literally) and risked herself to help them survive. Way, way too sad…

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