Loki… Norse God of Mischief

by Bob

Loki on my mantle and in an extra large pet bed

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Loki on my mantle and in an extra large pet bed

I got Loki after my ex wife and I filed for divorce. She was staying in a spare bedroom on my second floor until she found a place of her own. During that time, she brought home a kitten that was to go with her when she moved. It's a long story, but she ended up moving away with her parents and wasn't able to take him.

When she finally got her own place, I suggested he stay here, as by then he was almost four months old and accustomed to my house, and I didn't want to traumatize him with a move across the state. I asked her for information about him, and she told me that she got him from a friend and that he was "part Bengal".

I dismissed it at first, and just thought he was a mackerel tabby, even though he is more spotted than striped. His belly is orange and spotted. His neck, chin, and muzzle is white, and his fur is ticked. The end of his tail and the bottoms of his paws are black. His ears are large, and he has the mascara marks and cheetah tears that give him a wild look. Then there's his size. He measures about 24-25 inches from nose to the base of his tail, and his tail adds another 12-13 inches approximately (he was hard to measure, he kept trying to eat the measuring tape).

When he stands, his shoulders are 14-15 inches high. He's bigger than my other cats, and he's just a little over a year old. As a reference, the oval picture frame in the above photo of him measures 24 inches high by 19 inches wide. The bed he is shown lying in sleeps three of my other big cats comfortably.

I don't know where the "part Bengal" idea came from, but I do know that there is a Savannah breeder about 10-15 miles away, and that kittens born with undesirable traits are given away as pets without a pedigree. I have other large cats, but this big boy has them all beat, and he still seems to be growing. His build and muscle tone are different than the others as well. When he walks he looks more like a wild cat than a domestic pet.

But when it comes to his personality, he's 100% kitten. He's very active on the cat trees and climbing furniture, to the point that if he continues to grow, I may have to bolt them to the floor and walls to keep him from knocking them over. He will chase the laser pointer frantically, then stare at the wall and cry when I put it away. When I awaken and find one of my work boots missing, I know it was dragged down the hall by the laces, and I know exactly who did it. Which leads to his name.

She had given him a different one, but I named him Loki after the Norse god of mischief. The name most definitely suits him. Now, Loki is definitely a moggie, he's not a pure bred of any kind, but I wonder if somewhere down his lineage is one of those "undesirable" Savannahs that became someone's housecat.

I don't know what his heritage is for sure, and it doesn't matter. He's funny and loving, and that's all that counts. I prefer random bred moggies with amusing personalities to pure bred show winners anyway.


Loki... Norse God of Mischief to largest domestic cat breed

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Loki... Norse God of Mischief

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Feb 27, 2010 Another great tabby
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Hi Bob. Loki is a great looking spotted tabby and with a strong personality too, it seems. I enjoyed reading how he'll cry when you put the laser pointer away. They sure learn what buttons to push, don't they... 😉
Thank you for sharing his story.

Finn Frode avatar

Feb 26, 2010 More on Loki...
by: Bob

Yes, his eyes are green. The pictures I got of him don't show how long he looks when he's walking, he's hard to get a good photo of because he's so active! The only time he sits still is when he's sleeping, and he usually curls up into an almost fetal position. The first few photos I tried to take of his face were blurred badly, because anytime anything moved, his head was turning! The photos also don't show the brown/orange tint in his coat as well as in person. He may be part Bengal rather than Savannah, I don't know. The reason I thought about the Savannah connection is because I did see the cat Michael referred to as well, and as I said there's a breeder close by. That, and I read that undesirable kittens are given away to avoid passing down unwanted traits. I figured that with the cost of a Bengal or Savannah kitten, there was more chance he came from a cat that was given away. But as we've all said, it doesn't matter anyway. Loki is a good cat, he's healthy, and shows alot of love and energy. To me, that's more desirable than a show cat. Besides, he'd never sit still long enough to be in a show!

Feb 26, 2010 I'm not an expert!
by: Phil

Hi Bob,

I can't be certain, but to my (limited) knowledge Savannahs tend to be rather more 'leggy' than Loki, although random breeding might have easily resulted in a more stocky build.

To be honest, when I first looked at the photos I thought he looked quite similar to my Egyptian Maus, both in build and colouring. Maus were used in the development of the Bengal breed, so my tuppence worth is that you do indeed have a part-Bengal cat, rather than a part-Savannah - he also appears to have rather green eyes, a sure sign of Mau lineage, although this is far from conclusive! However, the Savannah pictures I have seen all appear to have amber eyes.

All the best,


Feb 26, 2010 Correct
by: Michael

Bob, I think you are spot on with your assessment. He does have the appearance and behavior of a wild cat hybrid, either Bengal or Savannah. Bengals can be large and the higher fillial Savannahs are large.

Loki actually reminds me of Motzie to a certain extent. Motzie is a famous F2 Savannah who, like Loki, is quite cobby (stocky). Savannahs are normally more "foreign" (slender) in appearance.

As to purebred, pedigree; yes, as there are no papers Loki is not purebred officially but it is just possible it seems to me that Loki is purebred but not to "type" and without certificates.

Doesn't matter. Loki is an amazing looking cat.

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