Loki, the celebrity Sphynx cat, died soon after teeth cleaning

As a reminder that veterinary dental cleaning is risky, this celebrity cat, Loki, who had the grumpiest facial expression of all cats died during recovery from a dental cleaning session at the vets. It is thought he had a preexisting heart condition that created a vulnerability to the anesthetic (my guess). Loki has the appearance of a love child of Gollum and Yoda.

Loki, the celebrity Sphynx cat died soon after teeth cleaning

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However, we don’t know for sure the cause of death and being cynical the heart condition diagnosis may (I stress ‘may’) have come from the veterinarian to cover his back. My research indicates that something like 1 in 400 cats are either injured (brain damage) or die during or after dental cleaning. It’s the aesthetic which is dangerous.

Loki was a male Sphynx cat with an extraordinary expression and 79,000 Instgram followers. The public love a grumpy cat! They love cats with strange expressions. It’s the voyeur, freak show addiction.

Personally I am not interested in freaky looking cats but I understand where the circus comes from: money! Sorry I am being cynical again.

May he rest in peace and be happy over the rainbow bridge.

Sphynx cat

P.S. the Sphynx is a popular cat breed. Its popularity has come on leaps and bounds over the years. It is probably because the idea of full-time indoor cats are more popular and this hairless cat should be indoors because it has no protection from sun and weather and there is a demand for strange looking cats.

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2 thoughts on “Loki, the celebrity Sphynx cat, died soon after teeth cleaning”

  1. Frances A Danna

    I am so sad to read of this tragedy. Fly free, handsome Loki. May your life serve as a stimulus regarding the importance of caution and diligence during all veterinary procedures,whether requiring an anesthetic or not??.

  2. Poor Loki. To lose his life after a dental and to be a celebrity cat, that is a rotten deal.

    Maybe those involved in the dental spent too much time taking selfies, rather than monitoring the anaesthetic?

    I detest this phenomenon of celebrity cats, they all look so horribly stressed as they are carted about to appearances. All I see is a cat being exploited to fill the wallets of the owner and the inevitable hangers-on.

    You didn’t deserve this Loki, sweet puss.

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