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Loki, the celebrity Sphynx cat, died soon after teeth cleaning — 2 Comments

  1. I am so sad to read of this tragedy. Fly free, handsome Loki. May your life serve as a stimulus regarding the importance of caution and diligence during all veterinary procedures,whether requiring an anesthetic or not😰😱.

  2. Poor Loki. To lose his life after a dental and to be a celebrity cat, that is a rotten deal.

    Maybe those involved in the dental spent too much time taking selfies, rather than monitoring the anaesthetic?

    I detest this phenomenon of celebrity cats, they all look so horribly stressed as they are carted about to appearances. All I see is a cat being exploited to fill the wallets of the owner and the inevitable hangers-on.

    You didn’t deserve this Loki, sweet puss.

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