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Lolita’s advocates work hard to set this imprisoned Orca free — 8 Comments

  1. My first thought is where the heck do you buy these creatures? They are suppose to live in the ocean where they are born and God intended for them to be. I think in the case of this poor soul, it is very cruel to keep her away from her own without interaction with her own species. I do hope the attempt to set her free is a success and she can once again be left to do what she was originally meant to do.

    • Yes, $2,000 seems cheap dare I say it. It does make you think. It is almost as if there is a retailer selling orcas! Weird and very sad. It is very hard to beat big businesses. They have a stranglehold over these things.

  2. I advocate against the exploitation of ANY and ALL living beings, for the reason that I don’t condone doing to others what I would not want done to myself. Senseless exploitation of others of any species for “entertainment” is to me one of the absolute worst crimes imaginable.

    Sandra Murphey posting above, that would be Lion Country Safari, late but certainly not lamented; and there was a “Lion Farm” at an even earlier time; I saw something about these on a PBS documentary about “Things That Aren’t Here Anymore”.

  3. The things that humans do to creatures like this make me feel sick. Without awareness, people have no idea what sacrifices are thrust upon creatures who have no voice.

    I remember enjoying seeing animals at the zoo when I was a city child. I also remember the delight of taking a mentally ill person there about 20 years ago. And as a photographer, I have many precious photos of lion cubs and older ones.

    But I will never visit a zoo, or circus or any place where animals are captive in an environment that is unnatural for them, and their well being. With You Tube, I can witness animals I’d never be able to see otherwise, and learn more about them than just seeing them confined in small spaces for my amusement.

    The best place I remember visiting is the San Diego Wild Animal Park, where they had acres of free reign, and people traveled above them on a silent tram. There was another place where we could drive in a car, and the animals could approach us in that way. I don’t remember the name of it, or if it still exists.

    • Without awareness

      Agreed. There is far too much ignorance causing animal abuse through negligence. In this instance it is pure, callous exploitation as these business people know exactly what they are doing.

      I was fairly ignorant of animal welfare at one time. The more I read about it the more I realise humans as a whole have a problem in their relationship with animals.

  4. What feelings came up for you when reading this story? Pain. I can sense the mental torment that these intelligent creatures have to bear imprisoned in a watery cage. It is nothing short of horrendous and I can’t let myself think about.

    These organisations should be closed for good. The world has moved on and we know that exploiting killer whales like this is cruel and immoral.

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