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London man allegedly turned down for cat adoption because he’s gay…then things get weird — 2 Comments

  1. A gay couple sued a bakery in the US in a case that got national attention in the news. The bakery refused to sell a wedding cake to the couple based on what they claim were religious reasons, that their religion’s tenet is that homosexuality is a sin. The couple sued for discrimination based on sexual orientation and won. My opinion they won is because a person can decide not to do something solely for whatever personal reason like religious reasons they choose, but a business cannot discriminate based on race, gender, disability, religion, sex orientation, etc., under the ADA act in the US. I think it is a good decision because it separates personal feelings and how all businesses should operate. An individual can keep their convictions in personal situations/choices but cannot decide who should be able to do business with that company based on personal issues.

  2. This is an interesting story. It worth discussing it again today because things have moved on even in one year. There is much more sensitivity towards LBGT rights, I believe.

    There was a big discussion in the UK and legal case on whether sellers can dictate to whom they sell and whether the seller can refuse sell to clients who have a lifestyle or attitudes which the seller finds distasteful. They can.

    However, there are limits because if it is based on color it’ll be racism. I think in this case the seller is bonkers but not doing something illegal.

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