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London: man beheads two cats and then elderly lady — 25 Comments

    • I don’t think it is made up because there is a real women without her head and a real man in custody and bloody machete in a clear plastic bag as evidence. There are also two decapitated cats which is ironic because the Prophet Mohammed loved cats! Thanks for visiting and sharing your views though.

  1. I think the “Muslim convert”will be a red herring. Before attacking the cats he yelled “the cats have stolen my lighter”. He also attacked a car, breaking a window. He had wanted to be a cage-fighter, which indicates some level of aggression. Considering similar random killings/violent assaults (by others), he may well be diagnosed with schizophrenia. Religious “experiences” can also result from schizophrenia as people who hear voices inside their heads don’t recognise the voices as being their own inner voice. All very sad. Equally sad is the Islamophobia that has resulted from what may be a mentally ill individual. Schizophrenics of other religions have committed equally heinous acts, under the delusion they have to rid the world of gays/immorality/whatever, but the root of their behaviour is the mental illness, not the religion.

    • I agree that it is quite possible that he is ill. We’ll have to see. Mind you it doesn’t take much these days to develop a dislike for the Islam faith. I know the vast majority of Muslims are law abiding etc. and are moderate minded but their representatives took an awful long time to publicly denounce the terrorists and the child abusers in Rotherham and Rochdale.

      • That’s sad, because having spent time in Muslim countries, I found it a more humane faith than Christianity. The excesses and extremism are rooted in tribal culture rather than in the teachings of the prophet, much as extreme fundamentalist Christianity is a distortion.

          • As I early mentioned in my posts, religion is actually a path on which we learn welfare of humanity and creatures of Allah Subhanahu, and clearly I may state;

            A religion of teachings cruelty may sooner or later be declined.


            if the religion is perfect but the people are determining/ interpreting it negatively whether they are believers/ non-believers, It is not the religion’s fault but individual’s own way of thinking.

            Even in Christianity our CHRIST has taught us if some one slaps on your right cheek what should a true Christian’s reaction be in that case but who follows??? Why blame to Christianity then? Its us who are wrong not religion.

            Whether he is a muslim, whether he is Christian, Whether some other he believes in some thing else, The basic argument is that he is involved in cruelty and killing that woman is no way acceptable. Who has given him this right? State? or religion?

            Cats are innocent, they surely are and MICHAEL know the latest update from here what I have shared him and I am really very sad these days, really my friends, really I am. 🙁

            • I totally agree. Religion is essentially good, the teachings are good, but people distort it for their own ends. It is sad. This sort of thing damages the Islamic faith. Christianity in the past was worse. The history of Christianity is horrendous. As you say it is about people and in general we are unable to behave sensibly and with decency. The older you get the more you lose faith in humankind, I am afraid. That applies to me anyway.

              • I will suggest it to all the human being not only you Michael, that the faith must be better strong on humanity and human beings instead of loosing it.

                Because the faith is directly connected with facts and facts are the bitter truths.

                It is not the sensible thing to loose faith in human kind. But it is better to accept the truth.

                Once Mohemmud SAW said that if my daughter FATIMA (The most loved one) Should have found in act of stealing, I should order the same punishing rule (of Islam) to her.

                This indicates to be very neutral towards the humanity. I never curse jews, while they are in most inhumane for humanity but I always say that we moslems have to be orthodox in our thoughts now and this is the right time.

                excess of every thing (even religion) is BAD. 🙁

                • I agree with you. Faith is a force for good. The Islamic faith is generally very good for people. I remember in Jerusalem, the call to prays at 4 am and I loved that call. It is reassuring.

                  The trouble that people mess things up.

  2. In my youth, wearing love beads and loving the teachings of Kahlil Gibran were some of the fads.
    The fads today involve carrying weapons and committing mass murder.

    Most U.S. states have the death penalty which I have always opposed. But, this maniac would, probably, receive that sentence for killing that woman if some snazzy lawyer didn’t get him off as legally incompetent. Horribly, decapitating the 2 cats would only cost him a slap on the wrists.

  3. This is awful, I’ve just been reading about it in our newspaper, it makes me feel ill to think of that poor old soul and her cats being in such terror and killed in such a horrible and public way, and then to read that the murderer is being treated in hospital following being tasered by the police, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone tries to get him compensation! He should have been shot dead instantly, no ifs or buts, he shouldn’t be allowed one more breath of fresh air, there is no doubt it was he who killed them all and why should being off his head with drugs be an excuse, he should be eliminated and in as horrible and painful a way possible asap.

    • That would be horrible reading it in the Paper. I find it horrible hearing about this. No Cat or Older Person deserves for this to happen.

  4. Horrible! What has gone wrong with this world that some people are so very cruel! It was never meant to be this way and I am ashamed most of the time to be one of the species some of who think killing others and innocent animals is acceptable.

  5. Its sad and clearly stated as a psycho

    Maybe he has Obsessive Compulsive Dis-orderness (O.C.D.) sickness related to psychology.

    I am sad 🙁

      • That is not necessarily true! To ALWAYS blame a mental illness as to when someone does a horrendous act, not only gives them an excuse to act violently, it also adds panic towards mentally ill people, because people form ideas this is the way mentally ill people behave! There is such a thing that is called EVIL.. There is also a thing called MEANNESS…. Any number of people can be driven by either or both! Unfortunately, that does exist in our world! Then when people add alcohol and or drugs into the equation, you have people acting ‘off’ in the head. It exaggerates their already evil driven thoughts. Its sad but true! Too bad he will never receive the same penance for his wicked cruelty.

        • I agree. As far as I know the perpetrator is not mentally ill (that may change) but we are told he was a drug user. To me it appears that this was a type of terrorist act. The murderer seems to have targeted a white person and although we don’t know and I must be sensitive to this, I expect the killer to be black or Asian. Wait and see. So, I agree there is evil behind this.

          Anyway if a person has lost their mind because they take drugs it is of their making. For me they are still to blame.

          • Hey there I have a mental Illness myself I guess I should have worded it Differently. I guess I was just shocked that someone would do that to an Animals and People. Also I was shocked that this sort of thing is going on. I was annoyed that it was being reported about. As this sort of thing just gets copyed. I agree there is alot of Cruel People and He prob be rewarded for what he does. Im sorry I didnt mean to create any judgement. I was just shocked and It worrys me when this sort of stuff happens to any animal.

            • There is no such thing as evil, only people who become so affected by life that they no longer find compassion and empathy as progressive to their well being.

              • Good philosophical point. I suppose the point is that no one is born evil, which supports what you write. But you might be wrong. Perhaps it is possible to inherent such strong anti-social traits that the person is considered evil because they are dangerous in society.

  6. This is Horrible. Dont know why your posting about it. As this will prob create other Cruel Mean People to do COpy Cats. I hope this is not the Normal way of things but I guess it is. 🙁

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