London: man beheads two cats and then elderly lady

Yes, shocking though it is, a 25 year-old bearded man is in custody for allegedly hacking off the heads of two cats that he tracked down before doing exactly the same thing to an 82 year-old woman, Palmira Silva, who I will presume for the time being was the owner of the cats (but at this time it is not clear). The police have concluded this is not a terrorist act but I am not sure that is correct.

The lady who was beheaded. So sad.
The lady who was beheaded. So sad.
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The lady may also be related to the killer or known by the killer but I now learn that the killer tried to enter the properties of other people so it seems this might have been a random killing. He was heard screaming ‘where’s the cat’ before finding them (or at least one) in a garden where he decapitated them in full view of at least one person who said there was blood everywhere.

This grisly, despicable crime occurred in North London (Edmonton). There are two outstanding aspects of this macabre event in an ordinary suburb of London: the killer appears to be copying the Islamic State beheadings and why did he have to kill the cats? Why are cats so often the innocent victims of crimes between people?

This story has hit the headlines across all the newspapers and at one stage people were querying whether this was a terrorist attack but that has been ruled out. It appears to be a regular murder except for what seems to be a copycat method.

On the radio this morning I learnt that the alleged murderer is a recent convert to the Islamic faith and also a drug taker. This does seem to be the behavior of a deranged person who has, no doubt in my mind, got ideas from the Islamic State on how to kill in the most barbaric manner.

Update: this is man who is under suspicion of committing the murder:

Fat Nick
Fat Nick

The problem is that anyone at anytime can perpetrate this sort of crime in the UK. The police can’t stop it so if a person does not mind going to prison for a very long time (30-40 years) on conviction then this sort of thing will happen again. Fanatical people are not that bothered about being caught and convicted. It is very dangerous in London nowadays.

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    • I don’t think it is made up because there is a real women without her head and a real man in custody and bloody machete in a clear plastic bag as evidence. There are also two decapitated cats which is ironic because the Prophet Mohammed loved cats! Thanks for visiting and sharing your views though.

  1. I think the “Muslim convert”will be a red herring. Before attacking the cats he yelled “the cats have stolen my lighter”. He also attacked a car, breaking a window. He had wanted to be a cage-fighter, which indicates some level of aggression. Considering similar random killings/violent assaults (by others), he may well be diagnosed with schizophrenia. Religious “experiences” can also result from schizophrenia as people who hear voices inside their heads don’t recognise the voices as being their own inner voice. All very sad. Equally sad is the Islamophobia that has resulted from what may be a mentally ill individual. Schizophrenics of other religions have committed equally heinous acts, under the delusion they have to rid the world of gays/immorality/whatever, but the root of their behaviour is the mental illness, not the religion.

    • I agree that it is quite possible that he is ill. We’ll have to see. Mind you it doesn’t take much these days to develop a dislike for the Islam faith. I know the vast majority of Muslims are law abiding etc. and are moderate minded but their representatives took an awful long time to publicly denounce the terrorists and the child abusers in Rotherham and Rochdale.

      • That’s sad, because having spent time in Muslim countries, I found it a more humane faith than Christianity. The excesses and extremism are rooted in tribal culture rather than in the teachings of the prophet, much as extreme fundamentalist Christianity is a distortion.

          • As I early mentioned in my posts, religion is actually a path on which we learn welfare of humanity and creatures of Allah Subhanahu, and clearly I may state;

            A religion of teachings cruelty may sooner or later be declined.


            if the religion is perfect but the people are determining/ interpreting it negatively whether they are believers/ non-believers, It is not the religion’s fault but individual’s own way of thinking.

            Even in Christianity our CHRIST has taught us if some one slaps on your right cheek what should a true Christian’s reaction be in that case but who follows??? Why blame to Christianity then? Its us who are wrong not religion.

            Whether he is a muslim, whether he is Christian, Whether some other he believes in some thing else, The basic argument is that he is involved in cruelty and killing that woman is no way acceptable. Who has given him this right? State? or religion?

            Cats are innocent, they surely are and MICHAEL know the latest update from here what I have shared him and I am really very sad these days, really my friends, really I am. 🙁

            • I totally agree. Religion is essentially good, the teachings are good, but people distort it for their own ends. It is sad. This sort of thing damages the Islamic faith. Christianity in the past was worse. The history of Christianity is horrendous. As you say it is about people and in general we are unable to behave sensibly and with decency. The older you get the more you lose faith in humankind, I am afraid. That applies to me anyway.

              • I will suggest it to all the human being not only you Michael, that the faith must be better strong on humanity and human beings instead of loosing it.

                Because the faith is directly connected with facts and facts are the bitter truths.

                It is not the sensible thing to loose faith in human kind. But it is better to accept the truth.

                Once Mohemmud SAW said that if my daughter FATIMA (The most loved one) Should have found in act of stealing, I should order the same punishing rule (of Islam) to her.

                This indicates to be very neutral towards the humanity. I never curse jews, while they are in most inhumane for humanity but I always say that we moslems have to be orthodox in our thoughts now and this is the right time.

                excess of every thing (even religion) is BAD. 🙁

                • I agree with you. Faith is a force for good. The Islamic faith is generally very good for people. I remember in Jerusalem, the call to prays at 4 am and I loved that call. It is reassuring.

                  The trouble that people mess things up.


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