London Royal Docks Cat Rescue

This is a nice little vignette of cat and human life at London Royal Docks. A black-and-white cat chases another black-and-white cat. The cat being chased is knocked over by the other cat and then rolls over at the edge of the dock and falls into the water. A man who happened to be nearby races to the rescue. I really like the way this person acted very quickly and in a very decent way. The cat would have had enormous difficulty in getting out because of the sheer face of the concrete dock edge.

The Royal Docks are in the East End of London near the City Airport. There are three docks: Royal Albert Dock, the Royal Victoria Dock and the King George V Dock. The area hosts events. I presume that in days gone by this was a very active area with respect to shipping and trade but now it is more a tourist attraction.

Please note that the reason why I have uploaded two versions (update: both failed! I have added a fresh one) of the video is because not infrequently YouTube deletes videos which have been uploaded to their website illegally by their criteria which results in the embedded video being blank on this page. Therefore if one video is deleted the other may survive! You will note that the second video is reversed when compared to the first video. This does not detract from the interest in the action in the video in my opinion.

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