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London’s cat cafe: behavior of customers important? — 3 Comments

  1. I think it will work out. Cats live in huge colonies all over the world. There is no reason 12 cats couldn’t live together in a pleasure palace (one would hope) filled with cat lovers.

    • Dan, I tend to agree with you because although this might not be a pleasure palace it will be a place where there are careful controls but the point I’m making in my article is that there should be some control at least in a delicate way over the people who come to the cafe. It wouldn’t take much for a problem to occur which would be bad publicity for this enterprise.

  2. Interesting article Michael. I do hope it works. I have a feeling that in Japan people are more respectful or personal space but the English are fairly good at that too so it should be ok – especially since you can’t just walk in and have to book.

    I hope it survives – I hope it can last and there will be more.

    But I hope in future they bring in cats who are being upgraded from a worse place like a cage in a shelter. The way it is now is the cats are being downgraded from a home to this cafe setting. Perhaps a shelter cat would appreciate it more. Just a thought.

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