Long Beach Cat Lover

Long Beach Cat Lover

by Anna
(Long Beach,CA)

Long Beach Calif - photo by laura scott photography (Flickr)

Long Beach Calif - photo by laura scott photography (Flickr)

My husband and I lost our cat about three years ago and haven't been home enough to take care of a new cat. Since we moved to a new location that has loads of feral cats we adopted them all!

We live by the boat docks and we feed them every day. They're the most wonderful and caring animals in the world.

You can tell when animals appreciate what you do for them, and these 20 or so cats are just great!

Its a shame we can't take them all in but we love being able to keep the colony that we have up to date.

The county allows us to take them in for shots for free or low cost so it makes it easy to keep them safe.

We only hope that love them or hate them, they treat them with respect.


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Long Beach Cat Lover

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Jun 07, 2010 Ferals
by: Tracey (England)

I agree with Ruth and Maggie

The feral condition is caused by humans.

You are so caring looking after all those poor strays. Its such a shame because I'm sure that each one of them would love a fire to lie in front of or a lap to curl up on.

Humans domesticated cats in the first place and now some people think its ok to just kick them to the kerb or worse.

Jun 05, 2010 Anna
by: Maggie Sharp

Wow Anna, you're a wonderful person for looking after such a number of cats! A lot of people think that feral cats don't need anyone to look out for them, but they do, the reason that they are feral is because they were neglected in the first place, every cat needs someone to love and look after them!

Jun 03, 2010 To Anna
by: Ruth

How kind you are looking after all those feral cats. It's terrble the way some people chase them away or let them starve.
It's not the cats faults someone abandoned them in the first place and they bred and turned into a colony.
I wish there were more people were like you.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Jun 03, 2010 Anna
by: Michael

Well done Anna. We at PoC welcome cat lovers..:). We respect the cat and all animals. We don't think of ourselves as necessarily superior!

I am happy for the feral cats of long beach that you look after. It makes me feel good that there are some contented feral cats out there.

Michael Avatar

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