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Long-haired cat suffers a close shave — 1 Comment

  1. Long haired cats need daily combing and brushing to remove matts as they appear.

    It’s important, to prevent a mass of mats that become too difficult to remove by combing through.

    I have a long haired cat, and I comb through her fur
    daily. If I feel a mat, I cut it out with scissors,

    I’ve seen cats at groomers that had fur that was so matted, they had to shave the cat. If that wasn’t agreed upon by the guardian, then a phone call to get permission would be in order.

    In my opinion, anyone who lets their cat get matted is not a good cat guardian. Don’t get a long haired cat unless you’re willing to put in the extra time to keep them free of mats.

    I pet my cat from head to toe every day, and notice immediately if she has mat. I just clip it out.

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