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Long-haired feral cats are rarely seen in feral colonies — 8 Comments

  1. I think the issue would be for cats with undercoats that matted easily Medium coat cats like our Kitten was and now our Mercy do not get mats. I have seen Persians that were groomed daily full of mats.

  2. Romeo is a tuxedo longhair who’s completely feral but seems to keep up with his grooming quite nicely. He got his name because until we trapped and neutered him, he was dad to most of the colony’s kittens. Now he’s Romeo Emeritus.

    • Great name. I think once again his coat is what I’d call semi-longhaired and manageable. It is the genuine longhaired cats you don’t see. Thanks for sharing, Teressa.

  3. Clemmy is a sister to Brandy. She was dubbed “the cat from hell” when she was spayed. She’s an indoor cat now and doesn’t mind being petted if she’s on my bed.

  4. This was one I made of Brandy the week I trapped him for TNR. The last photo made of him before the tipped ear. He visits the colony every night

    • Gorgeous. You have met and made friends with some very attractive feral cats. I’d describe them as medium longhaired. Their fur is not as long as the Persian or Maine Coon for example. This is the sort of fur I’d expect to see but not the genuinely long fur you see on some breeds.

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