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Long Island cat stolen by nanny was returned to family after being seized by ‘plainclothes officers’

A Long Island, New York cat who was stolen by a nanny to prevent the cat from being euthanized has been returned to his owners.

Rebecca & Tigger in court Wednesday (Dennis A. Clark)

According to Carolyn Sanchez, attorney for Rebecca Katz, Tigger was seized from Rebecca Monday night at an Oceanside home by plainclothes officers and returned to owners Julie and Russell Berman.

Sanchez says Tigger was improperly seized. The officers said they were at the home to issue Rebecca’s husband a bench warrant for an unrelated case. They snatched the cat instead .

During an interview with NBC News on Wednesday, Sanchez stated

“There were shenanigans involved in the taking of the cat. It’s clear there were shenanigans.”

A spokeswoman for Nassau County Police claims the department knew nothing of Tigger being taken. The cat wasn’t taken at the direction of the judge. The case was requested to be dismissed without condition at Nassau District Court on Wednesday after Judge Rhonda Fischer determined the cat was in a safe place and should stay with the Berman family.

The case against Rebecca will most likely be dismissed.

The Berman family now say they’ll get Tigger the treatment he needs and they won’t have him euthanized. Sanchez says the family appears to be sincere and hopes they’ll do right by Tigger. They stated during an interview with NY Post

“We have no plans for euthanization at this time,” Julie Berman told The Post. “As long as he isn’t suffering we’ll continue to work on a treatment plan for him.”

I’m sorry, but I think police showing up at the residence with a fabricated excuse to gain entry then swiping the cat is a dirty, dirty trick. IF they even were police officers. Personally, I wouldn’t doubt someone claiming to be police did this and if they did, impersonating a police officer is illegal.

What are your thoughts?

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  • I don't believe they won't kill (it's not euthanization because the cat can be treated for his illness) this poor cat at some point since they are capable of criminal activities like impersonating police officers and illegal search and seizure. If they went straight to killing the cat instead of trying to rehome it they are bad people.

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