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Long Island Housing Cooperative Bans Seven Stray And Fed Cats — 3 Comments

  1. If they are not removed my main worry will be the idiot’s @ Long Island housing cooperative will have them trapped and most likely sent to a kill shelter,that scares me but I hope with all my might MaryAnn will win this dispute.

    • Yes, it is a similar story to many others which is why it caught my eye. There is that fear that the cats will end up dead. It’s a reflection of the battle over how to deal with stray cats.

  2. The cats have a home there, established by an employee, there is no stated problem caused by the cats and it would be against the law to stop sustaining them let alone remove them, so I don’t see how or why the cooperative has any say about them at all. Actually the “why” can be inferred to be they are (fill in the foul-mouthed blanks here). Leave the cats alone! Geeze this country has moral issues.

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