Long Island nanny who stole an elderly cat may be awarded custody once veterinary records can be reviewed

The Long Island nanny who stole an elderly cat from her employer to save it from being euthanized may be able to keep the cat. While the family is pulling out all the stops to get back their cat for what’s described as ‘the sole purpose of having it euthanized’, a judge has decided to continue the case and instructed the parties to return to court on August 14.

woman steals cat
Rebecca Katz and Tigger (Rebecca Katz)
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PoC covered the story where Rebecca Katz removed 15-year-old Tigger from the home after learning owners Russell and Julie Berman planned to have him euthanized. The family has stated Tigger is in bad help and they wanted to end his suffering. Rebecca has spent over $1,000 on Tigger and says her vet couldn’t find any health issues that would deem euthanasia necessary.

Nassau County Judge Rhonda Fischer denied the Berman’s custody on Monday saying she needs to review the cat’s health records before coming to a decision. Judge Fischer stated during an interview with NY Post

“Either this is worked out and we decide who is going to get custody of this cat … or medical records show this cat is in pain and suffering.”

The nanny’s attorney, Carolyn Sanchez, told the judge Tigger isn’t in pain and “To turn this cat over to have this cat euthanized … would be more cruel.” Judge Fischer didn’t comment on whether a clean bill of health would allow Rebecca to gain permanent custody of Tigger.

Rebecca was charged with petty larceny for taking Tigger and she also lost her job as nanny.

Please allow Judge Fischer the wisdom to see Tigger’s needs will best be served by remaining with Rebecca. At this point I wonder whether the family is angry at her and could they be going to these great lengths out of spite. The family was contacted by NY Post and declined to comment.

If Tigger is in such poor health, shouldn’t the Berman’s have veterinary records of their own stating this?

NY woman stole a cat to save him from being euthanized at the owner’s request

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