Long Time Dwarf Cat Owner

Long Time Dwarf Cat Owner

by Richard Frye
(Rollinsford N.H.)

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I bought a dwarf kitten in 1998. He was born 3/31/98, to a breeder in Hookset N.H., whose name escapes me. You just can not fully appreciate this animal without dealing with him. He is Long hair, full white beard and the craftiest little rocket you will ever see. 11 years old and has not slowed down one iota. I have a litter of 3 Maine coon cats that are close to or over 20 lbs and 2 are very tall.

Linus (dwarf) raised them and plays very rough. Most often it is the coons that try to hide to avoid taking another wrestling loss. He is also the sweetest little man when he wants to be. Beautifully marked, I have no doubt he would been a champion breeder had he the opportunity. He is a Munchkin by the way and the best 200 dollars I ever spent.

Good luck to Dwarf's everywhere.

Richard Frye

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