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Ranger Ranger (orange) and his sister Gri (calico) shortly after we brought them home.

My sweet 7-month-old kitty looks exactly like your sweet Tanje. His name is Ranger and when we brought him and his sister home, he decidedly took to climbing up me and sleeping on my back at night.

He has those long tufts of fur on his feet that make him slide across the wood floor when he plays and his beyond silky coat seemed to be a dead give-away of at least some Angora in his ancestry.

He and his sister also LOVE playing in the water. In fact, whenever the shower is turned on, they are right there on the side of the tub ready to splash.

His sister has shorter hair and is a smaller calico. Ranger is large and almost 8 pounds.

Unfortunately, though, he also has digestive issues. I believe he has IBS and I have started feeding him a wheat free dry food.

So far, things have gotten much better! I wish you and your sweet kitties a wonder full New Year full of continued success and weight gain...
for Tanje, at least 🙂


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