Looking for a forever home for Blackie – Melbourne, Australia

Looking for a forever home for Blackie – Melbourne, Australia

by Colette
(Melbourne, Australia)


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Have you got room for Blackie? She's a very caring and gentle 2 1/2 year-old desexed female tuxedo cat that needs a loving home. My brother has had her since she was a kitten but is unable to find a rental apartment that will take cats.

She's very people-friendly, and loves to sit on your lap and sleep next to you. She loves having her belly scratched!

Blackie comes vet-checked and healthy, with her own litter tray, pet bed and a supply of her favourite food.

Blackie's a very well behaved girl, and has never had any accidents. She is shy around newcomers but within half an hour she'll open up and be your best friend.

If you'd like to meet Blackie, please email colettecorr AT gmail DOT com for more details, or please leave a comment to this post. She'd love to meet you!

PS: I'd take her myself, but my cat Bibi doesn't like other adult cats one little bit.


Hi Colette... thanks for coming back. I really hope that PoC helps Blackie find a new home. She is a sweet looking and behaving cat.

Visitors to the site can help by spreading the word...:) Good Luck.

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Looking for a forever home for Blackie - Melbourne, Australia to Cat News

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