Looks disgusting! How a Maine Coon breeder makes raw cat food.

The picture, showing the raw ingredients before they are mashed up into a cat food, looks disgusting to me but maybe I am alone in that viewpoint. I don’t know whether this cat food is good or bad. I think it must be good because the cats look great and that must be the ultimate test. Although I don’t know how healthy her cats are but they look healthy. She is a Russian breeder living in Russia. I gleaned that information from the Russian translation for Maine Coon which is: Мейнкуны. That is the only way I can find out that she is breeding these cats in Russia!

Raw cat food for Maine Coons in Russia
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Raw cat food for Maine Coons in Russia. Screenshot.

The video is on the TikTok website. I guess you know that veterinarians and the experts believe that cat owners and perhaps cat breeders should not be making raw cat food. The reason they give is that unless you know exactly what you’re doing it can harbour pathogens such as bacteria and parasites. And then there’s the storage which has got to be carried out precisely because you can get cross contamination. The problem is that you can poison your cat! A rather important potential problem. And then the ingredients have to be complete and precise or you might malnourish your cats.

Note: This is a video from another website. Sometimes they are deleted at source which stops them working on this site. If that has happened, I apologise but I have no control over it.

There have been some scare stories about raw cat food causing health problems. Recently a commercial producer of raw cat food had a problem with their foods. Although I think the vets are being overly cautious but I understand where they’re coming from. There are pros and cons to raw cat food. The general consensus amongst some breeders is that raw cat food is beneficial in terms of the health of cats but there are these manufacturing issues which are problematic.

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This is one of her Maine Coons:

Maine Coon cat

Maine Coon cat. Bred by Russian breeder in Russia under the TiKTok username of mainecoons69

There are some links below on previous articles about the pros and cons of raw cat food:

This article is about the disgusting appearance of the raw components of this Russian-made raw. The woman obviously has lots of Maine Coon cats. They are all handsome and attractive. The Russians are probably better at breeding Maine Coons than the Americans which is ironic.

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