Looks like he’s about to knock Meowt!

RePotSirKay on Reddit created the title. It is a comment to the image below:

Cat in boxing position
Cat in boxing position. The title to the post motivated me to publish the image posted by GoodDayBoy on Reddit
Two useful tags. Click either to see the articles: Toxic to cats | Dangers to cats

It is nicely amusing. The image was posted on Reddit under subreddit: photoshopbattles. Does this mean the image is edited?

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1 thought on “Looks like he’s about to knock Meowt!”

  1. I guess it’s photoshopped but it could be so real and unique that people would sooner believe it is. The cat is polydactyl too, which may have to do with why it looks better considering the pose. I’ve seen cats take a boxer pose, as well as other animas such as kangaroos, so it’s totally believable and feasible, except that there’s nothing to box in the photo.


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