Looks like Kristen Lindsey’s veterinary license is going to be suspended rather than revoked

You remember Kristen Lindsey don’t you? Perhaps you have forgotten. I would not blame you. The legal process is so long-winded, indecisive and convoluted as to put any interested party to sleep.

Dr Lindsey is the Texas veterinarian who shot and killed with a bow an arrow someone else’s pet cat when he trespassed into her yard.

Complaint to TBVME on Kristen Lindsey

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Okay, there was uproar amongst animal and cat lovers in social media. Facebook groups were started and are still running. The legal process has been followed and the latest development (after the board – TBVME – recommended the revocation of her license) is that the State Office of Administrative Hearings (SOAH) has come to a decision and proposed (“proposal for decision”) that her veterinary license be suspended for five years. This means that the two judges have decided that her license should not be revoked.

It’s worse than that for cat lovers: the proposal is that Lindsey can return to practicing veterinary medicine after one year and add to that four years of work under probation (monitoring her performance and complaints). Under the proposal she’ll have to file quarterly reports to state officials. She’ll also have to complete further education in veterinary jurisprudence (she needs that for sure) and animal welfare together with at least 100 hours of community service volunteering time at a feline rescue clinic.

In a side issue a legal action was brought by Lindsey (unsuccessfully) in a district court in Travis County which decided that the rules of the TBVME allow it to prosecute a veterinarian for animal cruelty even if there is no criminal conviction.

The SOAH proposal goes back to the TBVME at its next meeting – possibly 18th October where they will make a decision based upon the proposal. That should be the final decision in this matter but don’t bet on it because….

Both parties (the TBVME and Lindsey) can make written representations to the SOAH which could persuade them to change their minds.

Once a finalised proposal has been arrived at it is considered by the TBVME for their final decision.

My bet is very strongly in favour of the TBVME agreeing to follow the SOAH proposal perhaps with some adjustments.

If I have this wrong, please tell me in a comment…. 😉

Source: Justice for Tiger on FB in reference to kvue.com and also chron.com.

P.S. the general mood amongst followers of this saga is that her license should be revoked.

P.P.S. the SOAH justified their decision by saying:

“an otherwise competent veterinarian who made a single, serious mistake of judgment.”

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11 thoughts on “Looks like Kristen Lindsey’s veterinary license is going to be suspended rather than revoked”

  1. I so hope she has to do that community service working for a cat-rescue. Then she can tell all her also-sane rural friends where to find all those often hidden and illegal TNR colonies. They’ll know what to do with them to increase the cats’ desirable rate of “attrition” to reduce cat populations. That is the true goal of all TNR promoters, after all–it’s in the rules of how TNR is supposed to work. Otherwise TNR is a failure.

    p.s. That ruling is only a recommendation–and it can also be tried in a different court of law–which is what they are now doing. They should be able to deeply sue the TBVME after all is said and done.

    I particularly liked their argument where they are proving that, according to the TBVME’s precedence that they are setting, ANY veterinarian can now lose their license for killing an unlicensed and non-microchipped cat after the legally required 2-5 day holding period, because the veterinarian had zero indication that it belonged to anyone, where only much later was it discovered that that cat had an owner. Now ALL veterinarians’ licenses will be in dire jeopardy if they act in accordance with the law in every state. Watch the TBVME fold from every sane veterinarian turning their backs on them and suing them.

  2. I have so much distain for this woman that I hope her demise will be the same as Tigers. With so much media coverage, someone will take her out for sure.

    • She is the poster child for why bad vets and their sins should be an open public record without any jumping through hoops or having to search around. In the current system it is up to the public to alert if she shows up in your community. This wasn’t a mistake it was a public display of a character flaw. She has something fundamentally wrong wit her.

    • If I were you, I’d worry more about that happening to you, Dee.

      “Police: Cat lover shot to death”

      http : / / abc11 . com / archive / 8898176 /

      I’m sure they’ll try to make it look like just another robbery too. 🙂

  3. One year suspension, expect that to be appealed and reduced.
    So this jackass that shot a cat through the head and then post it on FB while Tiger most likely was still alive to some degree and in PAIN. A DWI. And the most insulting part is 100 hours in a feline setting. Isn’t that like putting a pedophile in charge of the nursery ? The root issue here is her not being prosecuted for animal cruelty.
    She should be required to put that FB picture on any resume and business card. Potential victims have a right to know who they are dealing with.

  4. So_I am guessing that this verdict concerning Kristen Lindsey; will affect the outcome of any animals, stray or domestic stepping over their boundary lines?? Give me a break people.

    How does the creature know when they’ve walked just a little too far? are we referring to a few yards and a lengthy stay or one inch beyond the surveyors scope?


    • I think the board have sent out the wrong message. They think she is a good vet who made one mistake but I’d say that she is unsuited to being a vet. Her mentality is not right. I guess it is very unusual for a vet’s license to be revoked.


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