Los Angeles Ban Cat Declawing

by Michael
(London, UK)

The claws of a cat are a major part of the cat.

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The claws of a cat are a major part of the cat.

7th November 2009 GMT: "You take the claws out of a cat, you take away the cat". These are the words of Councilman Bill Rosendahl of the Los Angeles City Council. And he is so perfectly correct. This is the point that veterinarians have ignored and why they are gradually losing their autonomy to make their own decisions on treatments. Through their obviously improper actions they have thrown away the right to decide on all matters to do with their work.

The vets better beware because Los Angeles just banned declawing in a unanimous decision of the council. We hope this leads to more bans or better still a complete change in opinion about declawing.

The ordinance states that "no person, licensed medical professional or otherwise, shall perform or cause to be performed an onychectomy (declawing) or flexor tendonectomy procedure for any means on a cat or any other animal within the city, except when necessary for a therapeutic purpose." (note: people will have to watch the vets on how they try and wriggle around the qualifying clause at the end - this is not a complete ban).

The council members described it as an unnecessary practice and abject animal cruelty. Well yes, thank you council men and women for doing the right thing. It has taken a long time but we praise you for your courage to do the right thing, to take a leap into new territory.

In order for the veterinarians and their associations to take back control of their profession it would be sensible now if they banned it themselves (
for non-therapeutic purposes, but they will need to be regulated). It is really time to think new thoughts. To do things differently. To behave in a manner that is not in breach of their oath.

The California Veterinary Medical Association fought against the ban as they have done in the past through their spokesperson/president Dr. Nunez. His arguments are transparently wrong.

You take the claws out of a cat, you take away the cat is a phrase that supports my view that people who declaw don't want cats. They want a furry animal companion. So they take away the cat and replace him/her with a something different. And vets have supported this ill conceived approach for decades.

May the bans spread to the rest of the USA. Perhaps the Governor's prohibition on cities making such laws (by 1st Jan 2010) has galvanised them into acting promptly. It seems to have backfired on the veterinarian associations.

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Los Angeles Ban Cat Declawing

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Apr 22, 2011 You are the NUT and ignorant with it
by: Fran

You call us nuts you cowardly anonymous animal abuse condoner.
Take a look in the mirror and see a real NUT.
If you don't know the facts about why cats are born with claws then you have no right to come here and lecture those of us who do.
Do your homework you NUT because you've showed us how totally ignorant you are.
I can't be bothered to answer your stupid questions and comments,they've all been said before by other NUTS like you.
Pray for you?
No way!
You are beyond prayer.

Apr 22, 2011 To anonymous what
by: Ruth

Yes I certainly can tell you why house cats need their claws. Cats need to dig in their claws to stretch their leg,shoulder, stomach and back muscles. This is how cats excerise to keep their muscles strong and healthy and is why most declawed cats develop painful arthritis as they age.
Declawing is in reality the amputation of the last toe joints and it leaves only a bone for the cat to walk on, as near as I can describe it just imagine having your own foot amputated and having to walk on your leg bone. Each of those cats toes end in a bone like that after declawing.
Neutering is for the cats own health and welfare, declawing is by money grabbing vets on behalf of lazy caretakers who can't be bothered to buy their cat a scratching post and teach him to use it. Those people should not have cats.
Circumcising babies is an old chestnut that pro declaws use, again it's for the child's health.
Like cats having no choice, nor do babies, but it's for their own benefit.
Declawing is NOT for the cat's benefit.
I don't think you should call us nuts, we have researched declawing thoroughly, maybe you should do somew more research yourself, you can find all you need to know here on PoC.
Docking lambs tails, well I'm sure you enjoyed that as you seem to think animals are unfeeling and have no rights. You probably eat their flesh too.
Who is the nut ?????? Not us for sure!

Apr 21, 2011 WHAT?
by: Anonymous

Oh man, you people are nuts. What about neutering and spaying of animals, is that a form of mutilation also? Should we stop that? How about circumcising babies? Should we ban that as well? Can you tell me why house cats NEED their front claws? And yes I know what "declawing" is, I have seen it done. Sure I don't think a cat should be declawed if it isn't scratching up your furniture but I don't think a person is bad because they declawed their cat. I have docked thousands of lamb tails...am I a cruel and bad person then for mutilating those poor little lambs? Please pray for my soul.

Mar 17, 2011 Toe ends not claws are cut or burned off
by: Angel O

Claws are NOT removed TOE ENDS are amputated.
Did you not even find out what declawing was before you condemned 3 innocent healthy kittens to a disabled life?
YOU are glad!
But those kittens for sure aren't glad.
You owe them BIG time so don't even think of chucking them out when problems begin.
Don't ignore their arthritic pain when they are older.
You have deprived them of all the games kittens love to play and you have deprived them of living healthy lives simply to please a landlord.
You ignorant cruel person!!!!!!!!

Mar 17, 2011 To anonymous
by: Ruth

You boast of crippling 3 kittens for life as if you did something good ! How ignorant you are because as Barbara says you don't even seem to know just what you put those kittens through.
They've adapted, they had no choice, suicide isn't an option for cats.
There are many people working towards stopping landlords demanding cats be mutilated before being allowed to live in their property but you just went ahead without a second thought.
Don't come here preaching that declawing should not be banned, no one takes notice of a cat abuser who pays a corrupt vet to do the abusing.
You are an exact example of why declawing MUST and WILL be banned.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Mar 17, 2011 To anonymous
by: Barbara

Anonymous I'm sorry but you are a fool. YOU might have been glad you had them declawed but I can assure you those three unfortunate kittens would have been anything but glad. You don't even understand what you've done, you think you had the "front claws removed" when you actually had the ends of their front toes amputated!So yes of course they had to adapt and learn to manage without them, in the same way as any disabled human or animal learns to adapt to their disability but that doesn't make it preferable to having healthy paws the way nature made them (
for a reason)
As for your comment about people who declaw cats not abandoning them, you need to do some research, get yourself onto the petfinder website and choose any city in any state and look at how many declawed cats are sitting there longing for homes. And that doesn't even begin to include the ones who lose their homes through being crippled mentally or physically and are no longer the cats that the owner decided to declaw. Most of those are killed immediately on being surrendered, or they are dumped to wander until their clawlessness leads to them being attacked and killed or starving to death.
The reason why declawing should not be a matter of personal choice is personified in you, your arrogant ignorance about declawing and your readiness to allow a landlord to force you into mutilating three kittens that you could have rehomed to someone who wouldn't have paid a vet to surgically remove necessary body parts.
THIS is why it needs to be banned in the USA as it is in 38 other countries, so that fools like you and greedy vets can't conspire to rob cats of their toe ends for conveneience or for profit.

Barbara avatar

Mar 16, 2011 Declawing a cat should NOT be banned!
by: Anonymous

I rescued 3 male kittens while living in an apartment. The apartment building required the kittens to have their front claws removed. I had never heard of such a thing, but was so glad I did it. All 3 kittens began using their front paws as hands. They opened doors, picked up toys and climbed their floor to ceiling cat post with now problem. When claws are removed from kittens they learn to fight using their front paws to punch and rear to scratch. Whether or not to declaw the front paws should be a personal decision. Most people that spend the money to do this are less likely to abandon or leave their cat outdoors.

Dec 12, 2010 To Rick
by: Barbara

Well Rick I agree with you, anyone who declaws a cat and then abandons it, and it's even worse abandoning an old cat who isn't in good health, wants putting up against a wall in front of a firing squad. The firing squad would easily be made up of regulars on POC because none of us can stand cruelty. Well done you for rescuing this cat and saving his life.

Barbara avatar

Dec 11, 2010 Rick
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Well, I don't believe in shooting people, but except for that I agree.
Only totally heartless people abandon their cats like that and declawed cats are often the victims because of other problems that comes from being crippled.
Thank you for taking care of the poor cat - you're a good person! 🙂

Finn Frode avatar

Dec 06, 2010 Starving Cat
by: Rick

I just recently took in a cat that was slowing starving to death. Living outside after being declawed and being 15 to 20 years old with bad teeth & gums. People that declaw cats then kick them out of the house should be shot.

Feb 12, 2010 Ryan, you're an IDIOT!
by: Maggie Sharp (Tasmania, Australia)

You don't love your cats, you couldn't make that clearer. I might just let you know that furniture is NOT a living thing. It CANNOT feel pain. It CAN be replaced. A cat on the other hand, that IS a living, breathing thing, it CANNOT be replaced, like people every cat is different, and it bloody well CAN feel pain. And when a cat gets declawed, my gosh does it feel pain, and a LOT of it!

LA is far from a dump, for banning declawing and all I can say is: Well done LA, may we hope all other states around the USA follow you and use you as an example, and ban delcawing!

Feb 12, 2010 WOW indeed Ryan S
by: Kathryn

I think you have probably got the message by now that decent people who REALLY love cats think you are a selfish scumbag who shouldn't be allowed within a million miles of any cat.
I love Edward's comment to sit on your precious furniture and tell it how much you love it.
Here here Edward,you are a man after my own heart.

Feb 12, 2010 To Ryan
by: Babz

Ryan it is because of people like you that Councilman Bill Rosendahl and his colleagues had to bring in the ban on declawing in LA. To make it even plainer, you are a selfish person who regards your furniture as more inportant than a cat having healthy paws and full and proper use of the claws it was born with. Who cares about your furniture? Not I, and not any of my fellow campaigners, what we care about are those living, breathing creatures who feel shock and pain just as much as you or I do. What you need is something for your cats to scratch on that you are not overly enamoured of, so buy a couple of scratching posts or even go to the shops and ask for free cardboard boxes. Oh and never get any more cats, go get a tin of polish and a duster instead and lavish attention on your furniture, but don't expect it to love you back or purr when it sees you because furniture is just a cold lump of wood or plastic.

Barbara avatar

Feb 12, 2010 Ryan S.
by: Michael

Ryan S., I am afraid you are a stupid person and that is an objective assessment.

You think the city of Los Angeles should pay for the repair of your furniture. As Edward says you decided to have a cat and you are clearly unsuitable for that role. Please stop keeping cats and go buy a new car or sofa or TV.

I seems that you love your furniture more than your cat. Why else mutilate a cat?

If inanimate objects are more important to you rather than loving relationships I am sorry for you. You are a lost soul Ryan and a danger to animals and cats.

Michael Avatar

Feb 12, 2010 Ryan
by: Edward

Man you are one selfish and greedy person.
You love your furniture and want money for damage to it, don't make me laugh. Who forced you to have cats? Did nobody tell you they've got claws?

Have your cats got any furniture? If not, why not?

Get them scratching posts man, that's the furniture cats need and then they'll leave yours alone so you can sit on it and stroke it and tell it how much you love it to your hearts content.

Feb 12, 2010 To Ryan S
by: Ruth

A short and 'sweet' message for you !
If you love your furniture more than the health and welfare of your cats then let those cats go to someone who TRULY loves cats and understands they are born with claws because they NEED claws !
What are possessions ?
Inanimate replaceable objects that's what !
What are cats ?
Living feeling beings that's what !
I'm proud to live in a country where declawing is BANNED as animal abuse and you should be proud also to live in a city where cats are not allowed to be abused any more.
Don't like claws ??
Well don't tell us you love cats !

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Feb 11, 2010 WOW
by: Ryan S.

Ok, so now the city can tell me what to do and what not to do EVEN MORE! I love my cats....but I also LOVE my furniture....so I propose that if they WILL NOT LET ME DECLAW my cats....then they should pay for the damages to my furniture....thanks LA! another reason to NOT live in this DUMP!

Nov 10, 2009 Thank you LA
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Not only is declawing cruel, it's also useless as it causes more problems than it solves. Thank you LA, for putting a stop this disgusting practice.

Nov 08, 2009 Result!!
by: Barbara

It is wonderful news that a city as large as LA has gone for the ban. This has surely got to bring it to the attention of other cities and other states. We have something to really celebrate,in the recent debates all but Malibu voted for the ban and that is a sad loss for Malibu cats,but other than that there is enlightenment creeping across America!

Those who tried to stop the bans need to crawl away tails between legs back under their stones.

Nov 07, 2009 Well said Susan
by: Michael

Yes Susan it is almost shocking to say it but Los Angeles has become more civilised and sensible. It is great news but why did it take so long? And we must watch these vets. The new legislation when it comes into force allows declawing for therapeutic reasons. Some vets might bend that a bit. It could have been a clean ban but that would have been asking too much.

Nov 07, 2009 great news
by: kathy

I was so glad to see this. This is great news. I will sleep better tonight.

Nov 07, 2009 LA is the 2nd largest city with 4 million people!
by: Susan

Finally! Some justice for the cats! No more crippling & mutilating for human convenience & veterinary profit! Thank you Los Angeles Council Members for listening & understanding the TRUTH about this needless cruelty to animals, & taking a stand that you will not tolerate it in your city. Every city now needs to follow your lead for the welfare of their companion animals. Our entire country has just become a bit more of a civilized, safer, and less violent place for cats, and humans as well. Hooray Los Angeles!

Nov 07, 2009 YIPPEEE Bless Los Angeles and Other Cities
by: Jo Singer

This is such heartening news! San Francisco, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills are also now cat friendly cities. This is so important for the rest of the country to observe as well. Cities this size carry a lot of weight!

Their courageous action is applauded highly!!!

Thank you for making this fantastic announcement.

Nov 07, 2009 Yippeee!
by: Everycat

Wonderful news. Lets hope that other cities take this as a great example to follow.

Maybe the CVMA's campaign to stifle the law is crumbling? I hope so.

Declawing must be banned.

Claws out!


Nov 07, 2009 Hi Ruth
by: Michael

We should celebrate quietly tonight. It is people like you and the rest of the "gang" who have stayed steadfast in the cause of banning declawing and who will never stop in that fight who are to be praised. The cat will be eternally grateful. And one day we will look back and see who did the right thing.

Nov 07, 2009 GREAT news !
by: Ruth aka Kattaddorra

Yes it's wonderful that another city has banned declawing,surely this and the other recent city bans must show the rest of the USA how wrong it is to mutilate cats !
I'd love to see it very soon banned in the entire USA !


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