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Los Angeles feral cat colony caretaker needs URGENT help from fellow cat lovers — 21 Comments

  1. I am leaning on My Lord also, after all is said and done. They belong to God but we are their STEWARDS!! I WILL ALWAYS put my two sense in and or when it comes to animal abuse. This is not North Korea. THis is the United States of America, and this is Los Angeles, a city of progressive thinkers and doer’s! that is one of the main reasons I moved to this great city. People who are Liberal minded and ahead of the curve!!! The City of Angels, not of haters, people who want to help, not enjoy hurting people!
    LA sets the style for nearly EVERYTHING. I am honored to live in such a progressive City. Let’s not set destroying our wildlife (esp with people who are so happy to help them) as the presedent!! We are loosing precious Wildlife from the fires, our homelessness is over the top, in this area and other parts of LA. WE ALL CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE, not only here but all over the World!!! I am grying to save the Cts I have been feeding for 12 yrs. I became active in TNR work because I could not to stand by and watch innocent creatures being abused, drowned and poisoned where I live!!

    • Thanks Barbara. I admire you for your efforts. Please tell us how this pans out. I’d like to hear that the cats have been saved.

  2. I saw a couple of people mention that they are also caring for feral cat colonies. If each colony caretaker could help to relocate even just a few cats, that would make the difference!

      • Unfortunately, relocating cats is always the very last thing you want to do I mean when it comes down to it do or die situation yeah you have to let relocation is such a difficult process and something like 70% of the cats don’t make it they try to get back to where they came from it’s really difficult and chances are the cats won’t survive unless they I have very thought out very intense and printing procedure done so you can’t just willy-nilly scatter cats around to different colonies. It’s something that needs to be painstakingly thought out and unfortunately there’s not a lot of time for that many times so it’s a very difficult situation. Not trying to be a downer here I’m just trying to bring in the voice of experience

        • I agree it is hard to do and success is not guaranteed but….this is an emergency and the lives of these cats are at stake. I don’t know but some of the cats might be adoptable.

  3. This is a total nightmare caused by complete ignorance and evil. I’m managing 3 cat colonies myself and this is my biggest fear.
    I’ve had to educate the business property owners the cats live on and hope they continue to offer some understanding.
    I will go onto her FB page

    • I think you have hit the nail on the head with the word ‘ignorance’. Feral cat colony caretakers have to deal with the ignorance of others, often unpleasant cat hating neighbours and stupid local authorities and businesses.

    • Please go to her Facebook page and communicate with her using comments or instant messages. See whether you can help. She’ll tell you. The only way is to relocate the cats into foster homes if they are domesticated enough or relocate the colony. Some of the cats might be sufficiently domesticated. Thanks for thinking of the cats.

  4. This scenario isn’t uncommon. Cat haters seem to have a bigger voice than compassionate people. For every complaining cat hater, 10 lovers need to step up. It appears that this woman is alone. Her best option is to arm herself with allies. She can do that by calling every rescue group in her area and asking for help. Those that TNR may be willing to relocate the cats to other safe colonies and acclimate them so they stay, or just relocate them as a colony of their own. I can’t see any legitimate TNR group turning their back on her. I’m positive that we wouldn’t.

    • Because actually dealing with the feral and stray cat issue is going to require going after humans instead of just filling up garbage bags with the bodies of evidence and ignoring the source.

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