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  1. It will be interesting to see if the Cyprus Aphrodite “breed” joins the ranks of Lost And Discontinued Cat Breeds. By “breed” I mean the name, not the cat itself. The situation with the Aphrodite is not the same as with the above-mentioned new breeds. There is nothing new about it. It is the re-discovered traditional Turkish Angora which occurs naturally in it’s native Anatolia and surrounding regions. I think the reason for this “new breed” is mainly glory seeking as founders of a new breed and ignorance of the type and morphology of the true Turkish Angora in it’s native land. There is abundant genetic and historical evidence to prove the Cyprus Aphrodite and traditional Turkish Angora are the same. But if breeders and associations don’t respect or understand that evidence then they will continue with their myth until finally the truth catches up with them, and another new breed is no more.

  2. You are the most compassionate, yet sarcastic, person I’ve ever encountered when it comes to caring about our beloved.

      • I was speaking…well you know us She is the cat’s meow, and forever, forever, will be. NO sarcasm there. Thanks for “bringing” my Fave “cat” back. [And MAKE sure that she is ALWAYS here for us on PoC, Michael.

      • I admit that my accounts on Moggycat (Very Purrculiar Practice & Cat Crazy Household) are sometimes loaded with sarcasm.

        • I spent an entire night reading the messybeast memorial page. “The departed ones are sadly missed, the current crew are greatly cherished.”

          I was bleary-eyed by the time I got through, not to mention my eyes tearing up a bit, plus that I had to laugh out loud at some of your endeared descriptions. I steeled myself, and decided right then that I wanted to begin the daunting task of rescuing/adopting and maybe fostering. I have to go back now and find the one that really got to me that night… it was Sappho.

          PoC’ers, I urge you to take the time, which really is just a brief moment, to read Sarah Hartwell’s anecdotes and tributes to these cats that she nurtured, knowing full well what she was in for. Well not really at first, I imagine. If I may, here is the link http://messybeast.com/memorial/memorial.htm

  3. It is so good to read an article from you again, Sarah H. For you are the individual who got me in your claws… to foster cats and kittens. <3

  4. Oh, Sarah.
    I know I’m a novice about all of this. But, do you have any pics that may resemble some of these breeds? Especially, the original Himalayan.
    I’m just so saddened by it all and willing to learn.

      • There are pics and/or drawings at of the older lost breeds. Pics of recent breeds that died out can be found using Google. Others were described in text, but apparently not photographed (though pics can sometimes turn up in unexpected places when I’m searching for something else entirely in newspaper archives)

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