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Lost and found cat dilemma: Chicago woman in legal battle to reclaim her cat after failing to keep the cat indoors — 8 Comments

  1. If this poor animal is in fact suffering from going outside and getting sick and injured there is no question in my mind this person should not keep this cat. I do not need to read the terms of a contract to get that. She is abusing the cat if she allows him to get infested or injured and on top of that keeps on letting him out and does not get vet care. He should not be returned to her based on abuse.

  2. She violated the agreement that she signed. Considering the facts, if true, posted by Feline Friends regarding the condition of the cat, its behavior, it continually getting out (and will do so again), it’s MHO that this cat needs to be re-homed. It does no one any favors to condone behavior of this ‘alleged’ adopter nor in the best interest of the cat either.

    Our shelter also has adopters sign an agreement and it is enforceable. One of the stipulations is that the cat be indoors 100% of its life (this is a busy city), and will not have the cat declawed, among other stipulations. Every feline adoption rep goes over the contract very carefully and points out that if the agreement is breached, WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO RECOVER THE CAT. That’s it. In my ten years of shelter work, we have had to enforce the contract only two times that I am aware of. One person sued and lost. The other just let it go.

  3. I’ll always favor the side looking out for the cat’s best interest/safety in disputes. The court will decide what it will.

  4. I placed the links for Feline Friends and Chicago Tribune within the article rather than turn this into a very long and detailed article. People these days click out of an article that’s too long. Readers want straight to the point information but I do recommend you to read the two sources and watch the video.

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