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  1. Wow,that’s cool! I’ve never heard of such breed.And it all happened in Melbourne. Sarah, I was looking for a breed to feature in the Ozzi Cat magazine’s issue#9 that is out in September. May I use your text from this post and publish in that issue? (With that issue we will celebrate 2 years of Ozzi Cat and helping cats! 🙂 ) I will mention you as the author and the Michael’s web site (or just let me know how you would like to be mentioned).

    Would it be ok with you? Thank you in advance! xox

    • Lesley Morgan has done more research and has some updates and corrections:

      Despite the claim in “The Age” (a mainstream newspaper, not a specialist cat publication), there is no evidence supporting Mr Greening’s aim to produce blue eyes. Beryl Chandler, a more trustworthy source, always wrote of hazel eyes.

      In 1964, Beryl Chandler reported “Black F.S.H. (now called black Oriental) were shown in considerable numbers.” In 1965 she stated “they are now called Susukis.”

      Some Susukis, owned by Mrs Van der Spek (a cat breeder and show judge) were exhibited in Tasmania in the mid 1960s.

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