Lost cat fed by volunteer, taken to shelter, then a cat café and finally seen by owner on Facebook

Hank, a handsome black-and-white cat went through several steps after getting himself lost before he was reunited with his owner, 20-year-old Andrew Humphreys. Hank had an unusual journey during the time he was lost which ended with the good fortune of Andrew seeing his cat in Facebook because Hank had become a cat café cat.

Andrew, Hank (Jules) and the FB post by Andrew when he saw his cat
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Andrew, Hank (Jules) and the FB post by Andrew when he saw his cat — Photos: REGAL CAT CAFÉ.

Hank had disappeared during a time when Andrew was away and was being looked after by a cat sitter. After 2 months of searching he was declared lost.

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He ended up at a feral cat colony being cared for by a volunteer working for MEOW Foundation. The volunteer realised he was a domestic cat and took him to a vet for a check up where he was neutered, microchipped and vaccinated in the normal way in preparation for adoption.

Hank was subsequently selected as an ideal candidate for the Regal Cat Café in Calgary, which he joined on January 13th or thereabouts. He was renamed Jules and become a favourite. Soon Jules was photographed and presented to the world on Facebook.

By a miracle of good fortune Andrew bumped into Hank’s Facebook photo and thought that he recognised him. He had been missing for 6 months. He posted the event on Facebook.

Andrew promptly went to the Regal Cat Café:

“He saw me, and he came right up and let me hold him and he kind of just flopped in my arms. I never thought we’d see him again.”

Subsequently he adopted his cat from the MEOW Foundation. Technically Andrew had lost ownership of his cat as Hank had been microchipped as being ‘owned’ by the MEOW Foundation or the Regal Cat Cafe. He had to re-adopt him. He must have proved that he was the original owner and satisfied the requirements for adoption. It was an unusual journey by a lost cat.

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Sources: The Star Calgary and coleandmarmalade.com.

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