Lost Georgia cat who took a 2,400-mile road trip to be reunited with family in time for Christmas

A Georgia cat who took a 2,400-mile road trip is hoping to be reunited with his family in time for Christmas.

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Several months ago Kitty Bitty disappeared from his home in Pooler, Georgia (USA). Teresa Cameron thought the family cat was gone forever until she received a call lasts week saying Kitty Bitty was found outside of Los Angeles on a Pepsi truck.

The truck driver who found Kitty Bitty contacted animal control and the local shelter had him traced using his rabies tag information. Other than being dehydrated and hungry, Kitty Bitty is in good health after his long journey.

In an interview with WTOC News, Teresa said

“I would have never expected the cat to have shown up in California, you know? You expect the cat to travel like ‘Hey I’m in Statesboro,’ but when that man said California, I about flew out of my chair. I was like are you kidding me?”

Plans are being made to have Kitty Bitty flown to Atlanta in time for a Christmas miracle.

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3 thoughts on “Lost Georgia cat who took a 2,400-mile road trip to be reunited with family in time for Christmas”

  1. I’m adding this to my list of reasons that cats should be kept indoors. It’s one I hadn’t thought of. Many cats are not chipped or vacinnated, so most who might take a “road trip” would be gone forever.

    For people who must allow their cats out, the responsible thing to do is chip them so they might have a chance of being returned, unless of course, they really don’t care.

    Many cat guardians believe that a cat should be free to roam wherever they want, regardless of the dangers. They also believe that cats are smart enough to avoid dangers of any kind. Yeah, and toddlers are just as smart as cats.

    Sorry for the rant, but I always feel badly when an outdoor cat meets undesirable experiences, even when in pursuit of freedom.

    Glad this one had a happy ending. Most don’t.

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