Lost Your Cat? Watch Out For This Fancy Scam

If you’ve lost your cat you should watch out for a fancy scam which could mean that you both lose money and your cat. A family living in Hot Springs, Arkansas, USA were scammed into paying ransom money for their missing cat.

Orange Orange

The cat, who sounds as if he is an orange tabby (update: yes he is – just found his photo) because his name is “Orange Orange”, had a habit of sleeping in a tack shop. This a shop which sells products relating to horse riding – I looked that up just to be sure! He left the shop and never returned.

It seems that somebody found out that they were missing their cat. Soon after their hopes were raised because they received a text message which read “hey, I have your cat.”

I wonder how the person had their phone number. This person must have known the cat’s owner’s who are Mr and Mrs Litfin. I’d say he is a regular visitor to the tack shop. I’d start investigations there if I was the police.

Veronica Litfin was obviously ecstatic. The person who sent the text said that he lived in Little Rock. He asked that they reimburse his gas (petrol) money of $60 to drive “Orange Orange” to Hot Springs.

The Litfins paid through PayPal. Not long after they again heard from this mysterious cat rescuing person. He asked this time for $65 more saying that something had happened but he would bring their cat to them that evening. It seems that the Litfins paid the extra money but heard nothing from him for more than nine hours.

The next morning the person asked once again for more money claiming that he was “right around the corner. I need $100 more and he’s yours”.

Clearly at this time they realised that they were being scammed and called the police. Mr and Mrs Litfin do not regret paying the money because they had to do their best to try and recover their cat mainly for their daughter’s sake, they said.

Veronica Litfin says that the behaviour of the person is pure evil. At the present time they do not have their cat back.

It is clear that this person never had their cat. He or she simply overheard or found out that their cat was lost and successfully scammed them out of a not insubstantial sum of money. Watch out for this.

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  1. When I first saw the title I thought that you may be talking about an outfit called “Lost My Kitty”. They also may have a
    site called “Lost My Doggie”. I subscribed to the site about a year ago, and get email notices of lost pets. They charge to notify neighbors via email. It seems like a beneficial activity, but several times I’ve looked closer at the content for the post. Most of the time it’s very vague information, sometimes with only a sketch with only a detail like “black”.

    When I saw the first post last year, I thought that something wasn’t right. But I didn’t notify my friends at the StrayPetNetwork, until recently. I’m convinced that this is an “official scam” that has continued in operation for a time, but I don’t know for how long.

    These people need to be investigated, but I’ve got my hands full at the moment, getting ready for a move, after 4 months of couch surfing, with my kitty who needs dental extractions.

    I have 4 estimates that are close in price, but the drugs are different. I’m concerned about the side effects because Mitzy has reacted to drugs previously. So, I’m in the process of researching the drugs and their potential side effects, to minimize adverse reactions.

    If anyone has experience with a drug I should avoid, please let me know. I’ll continue my research, while I give her
    Buprenorphine and natural Orajel.



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