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  1. I apparently get my love of animals from my grandma although my mother loved animals too. I could never hurt an animal I would rather hurt myself. I don’t get animal cruelty and never will those that are cruel to animals are lacking in some way and take it out on innocent creatures. You should always watch someone who is cruel to an animal very carefully…..they cannot be trusted in any other way

    • Yes the same thing for me with my Gran. She always had Cats growing up my mum said. She always had Siamese short hairs and Havana ones. Also growing up I always Loved Cats. I couldn’t really imagine life without them.

  2. Yes I do I love them Very Much. Yes it is sad that other Cats around the world don’t have the Same Treatment. It breaks my heart hearing sad stories of Cats and Kittens. I was sad to hear in a news story in Australia that a house owner had sold his house with a Cat. His son wanted him to not include the Cat, but the silly idiot did that.

  3. Well in regards to the article I always share my Bed with all my Cats. Jasmine sleeps under the blankies. Rebel,Smokey mostly on top or on their Cat Bed and other comfortable area.(sometimes under blankies) Tiger loves on top as well as under esp in Winter.
    For people that say Cats must be outside I disagree as its Cruel. Ozzie loves both. I agree that Cats are members of the family that is certainly how they are treated here at home. They are treated like important members they can go wherever apart from on food bench for obvious reasons.

  4. Aww shes daddys Girl. Well I got some Bad news. Not only have someone living with me for a week and half, now she wants to bring her dog. Arrgh what do I do. Only thing I can think is have all 5 cats locked in my Bedroom. with their food and Litter etc. Let them out when Dog is not here. Sometimes being too caring person and friendly isn’t a good thing. One bonus at least getting money.I know the Cats arent Happy at all. It worries me as im going away for 2 days on sunday to tuesday. So i feel abit yuck at the moment.

      • I know you wouldn’t have gone away and left your cats vulnerable Kylee, it wouldn’t have been at all relaxing and who knows what you would have returned to?
        Dogs are banned from our home, it’s the place our cats must be able to relax and feel safe and we don’t care who we may offend. Why should cats be shut away in a room in their own home just to allow an intruder to come, no way hozay!

        • Yes I see what you mean. Yes I wouldn’t be comfortable at all. Rob wasn’t too happy at the idea of it plus we not really allowed Dogs here. As the Dog is a Fox Terrier which is know to love Cats. As its in their breed to kill. So I’m Pleased another arrangement could be had. Its hard enough having another person at home especially when I’m usually the only one here usually. I wouldn’t want to lock the cats all the time in the room. Just one more week its damn annoying when builders and plumbers take so long to do a job on a house. One thing I’ll be glad when I have my Own house, where the Cats can do what ever they like without restrictions which I Hate. She did ask why I wanted Cats. I said well they are easy to look after and don’t need to walk them, Also I love them to bits and for me they are my special love. I think she’s slowly getting to like them. But u cant change someone that’s a dog lover can you?

    • My wife was angry at the first glance, because eastern pattern of sharing a bed with another lady is very harmful for the husbands but when she knew that I am LAILA’s father not PINKY’s husband ofcource(as I don’t wanna make another wife husband issue πŸ˜‰ ) so every thing is understood.

      just kidding πŸ˜‰

  5. Awful facts, awful picture of that poor bull, it could drive you mad knowing what goes on but being powerless to stop it happening, we can sign all the petitions we like and protest as much as we can but it’s like trying to stop the tide, there is just so much horror and cruelty, in the name of sport, in the name of science, in the name of food and even in the name of household pets. So depressing.

  6. It depresses me too Michael! People are such hypocrites, we are the only species who are.
    How can someone sit with their cat in their lap purring, while supporting the torture by scientists of other cats in labs.
    Do those scientists go home and pet their own cat while leaving other cats suffering in cages from brain experiments?
    Some people even have a pet micro pig, yet happily eat pork and bacon.
    Don’t get me started on zoos and circuses and people who exploit animals for money.
    This world is full of uncaring people and evil people but thankfully some good people too but it’s very hard for those of us who care to live with the way so many animals are treated.

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