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Love Cats But Are Allergic To Them. Are There Hypoallergenic Kitties? — 20 Comments

  1. Sarah,, WOW, what a great article!

    Thanks for sharing that! A fantastic read. This man and his company sure has a huge set of stones! I just hope that he will pay dearly for these outrageous scams in the very near future. I am so glad that ABC re-aired their 20/20 show about Brodie and his “snake oil” cats.

  2. I did a detailed investigation into the whole Brodie/Ashera scam and his other scams. There are now people keeping an eye out for his latest scams, which hopefully won’t involve cats. I made the info freely available to other’s investigating these cats:


  3. I just don’t get it. If you have allergies to ceertain things, you just have allergies. I do not see how one cat dander differs from another. Just my opinion.

  4. It is truly sad to me that someone is preying on allergic people to make money. I feel sorry for the people that are allergic. They fork over a LOT of money for these cats. If they are truly allergic the cat is probably returned or re homed or worse. If the allergy is psychosomatic then they are happy. It doesn’t matter either way.
    I honestly believe that there is no such thing as a hypoallergenic cat. My sister currently lives with a Spynx. Although the hair is minimal the cat has to frequently have a bath and has other health related issues. Sad to say but when I saw this story, years ago, about hypoallergenic cats I was very skeptical. Thanks for the update on this issue. Someday I hope that all allergic people will be able to hold and love the cat of their dreams.

    • The fact that Lifestyle Pets has not yet gone out of business (I believe I am correct in saying that) indicates that people are, on the face of it, less allergic to their cats than other cats but as you say this may simply be for psychosomatic reasons. If that is true then an allergic reaction to a cat might be partly psychosomatic. There may be a link to being frightened of a cat which brings on an allergic reaction. I do not know but it does seem strange that this business still runs.

  5. What I found most interesting, Michael- about the folks who purchased the cats and claimed that their allergy symptoms had been greatly diminished brings up two questions here. Were they truly allergic- or was something psychosomatic connected with their “allergy” or.. had they psyched themselves into believing that the cat didn’t affect them as much as other cats, since they had just paid an outlandish amount of money for their cat- justifying the expense.

    There is NO scientific evidence that these cats are any more hypoallergenic than the average “stray”, or in fact any other breed. So this is puzzling to me.

  6. I think it’s disgusting how companies can capitalize on things like this. They have done it with hypoallergenic dogs as well. There is no such thing, in my opinion, as a hypoallergenic animal that has fur. Just my thoughts.

  7. I forgot to add what I thought about this scam. It is a scam and perhaps the best-known scam in the cat world. The trouble is, there are many scams in the world. In fact half the world is scamming the other half. And what about the unscrupulous cat breeders of purebred cats, and there are a few, who scam people as well by selling cats that are ill and then refusing to reimburse stating that the new owner is at fault through poor cat caretaking.

    To be honest, I am not surprised about this particular scam but as you say it is bad. I also have to say that I am a bit surprised that it is still going on because so much has been written about Lifestyle Pets you would have thought that they would be gone bust by now.

  8. yea i know my ex bf mum allergic to cat fur so cant cope with the fur. She was able to cope with getting a cat for rat and mice control she got it from a rescue group she takes medicine for her allergies. Shes mostly a dog person but tolerates cats but doesnt really like them. which i feel is sad but i guess everyone is different

    • It is interesting that your mother is allergic to cats but not allergic to dogs because people can be allergic to dogs. Less people are allergic to dogs than to cats but apparently about 10% of the population are in fact allergic to dogs. That figure is not that dissimilar to allergies to cats.

  9. The cat allergy is an interesting thing. It varies depending upon the individual cat – tomcats can be the worst – and it varies between people. It may even vary depending upon the age of the person and how much the person has been exposed to cats over his life.

    There are lots of variables and another is the cat breeds. It may be the case that some breeds tend to be better than others but I see no evidence of it.

    There were lots of claims about the Siberian cat being hypoallergenic but it appears to have been all anecdotal; probably claims made by breeders to support the sale of their cats.

    There is no doubt that there is a significant number of people who love cats but cannot keep them because they are allergic to them, which is very sad. Some cat lovers struggle on nonetheless which is heroic.

    I have never been allergic to cats until I adopted my late mother’s cat, Charlie. I would not say I was allergic to him as very slightly allergic to him. It has faded somewhat over the time I have kept him.

    However, sometimes, I am not sure whether my sniffly nose is due to my allergy to Charlie or a mild cold. It makes me wonder.

    There may be a injection coming out or maybe is already out which calms the person’s allergy to cats.

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