Love Island contestant vilified for organising trophy hunting

Ollie Williams
Ollie Williams. Picture: Rex.
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This is an opinion article. I am delighted to see that fans of the popular television show Love Island are disgusted that one of the contestants, Ollie Williams, helps run a trophy hunting agency in Cornwall, UK, called Cornish Sporting Agency.

He organises hunts in South Africa and other countries for blood-thirsty, rich and mindless idiots who take pleasure in killing animals. And they pay a fortune for the pleasure at a time when there is a wildlife crisis on the planet for various reasons.

The fans want Williams off the show because they feel that it is wrong to give this man a platform on a popular TV show.

A typical statement about Williams on social media
A typical statement about Williams on social media

Williams, in his defence, provides the usual tired lies in saying that his client are only killing sick and old animals and that he is involved in conservation. Bollocks to that. It’s pure BS.

I am delighted because it shows me that young people who represent the future are switched on to (a) wildlife conservation and (b) protecting the planet, as has been seen with Greta Thunberg’s climate change campaign. There is hope for the future but don’t depend upon the oldies to do it except for people like me.

Almost invariably it is older men who like to trophy hunt and they are often Americans, where they are obssessed with guns. Occasionally you see a young, white woman enjoying killing but she’s been trained and indoctrinated by her pale and stale father who loves to kill. In fact the oldies, like President Trump, have pushed back by being rude about Thunberg. A sure sign that they have run out of good arguments and that they know that they are in the wrong.

Ollie Williams’ Instagram account was deleted and his company’s website was taken offline before he entered Love Island and yet people found out. But it shows that he is aware that what he does is objectionable. He still does it because there are bucket loads of cash in the killing business.

Williams has been photographed posing with dead animals as seen in the Twitter post by Katie Cummins below.

He can’t escape the truth or the criticism. Let’s see him thrown off the show, pronto.


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