Love Island snowflake lads terrified of tabby cat who wanders onto set

Love Island snowflake lads run from domestic cat
Love Island snowflake lads run from domestic cat. Video screenshot. Words and collage by PoC.
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Love Island is a British reality show that I never watch. It is a show about body image with brains parked. The young men and women strut around like peacocks showing off their bodies. They find love and there is a winner. It is very popular with vacuous television fans.

A tabby cat walks onto the set, a villa called Case Amor, and panic sets in with some of the men. The scared ones react as if they’d encountered a tiger.

One of them. Finn Tapp, literally runs away! It is pathetic. Another, Luke Mabbott said:

They’re vicious. Cats are unpredictable. Look at its eyes mate – cats don’t like me.

One of the guys, Mike Boateng, is a police officer in the real world and he is spotted cowering in the corner which prompted a fan to tweet:

Just watched a police officer run away from a cat on national television.

God, it’s no wonder the police have lost the respect of the public in the UK. It also gives us a clue as to why the police are reluctant to deal with crime concerning domestic cats. Often they haven’t got a clue.

This vignette of modern life hints that there is a hidden fear of the cat by people who don’t know cats. Once you understand domestic cats and know how to interact with them you love cats. It is partly the fear of the unknown and partly a deep seated fear of cats which might have started eons ago when early homo sapiens was genuinely threatened by big cats.

These lads have been ridiculed by viewers for their snowflake reaction to an innocent cat. It was a great opportunity for one of them to stand out and attract the support of viewers. Women love beefcakes who are tender and loving with cats. None of them took up the offer. Quite the opposite.

If one had gently presented the back of his hand to the cat for her to sniff, he’d probably have made friends, ended up petting the cat and been plastered all over the online news as a hero 🙂 .


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