This article was inspired by Kylee who commented on another article that cat scratches are ‘scratches of love’. I’ve always called them ‘badges of honour’ but I think her words describe them much better.

Poster by Ruth aka Kattaddorra

Why are some people afraid of being scratched? If they are so cowardly why do they have a cat as a pet? I can’t wait for the day when declawing is banned and those people will either have to accept cats as they come, claws and all, or not have the pleasure of a cat in their life any more.

Why should they have the power to pay someone take away a cat’s toe ends for their own selfish cowardly convenience? Life is full of hazards, we learn to live with them, there are things far more dangerous than a cat scratch.

Cats don’t ‘scratch people to bits’ or ‘scratch babies eyes out’ or ‘tear the house up’ as pro declaws would have us believe, those are just excuses for their cruelty.

I saw a comment on Facebook today about a cat rescued from the street, the person smugly announced that the cat was now spayed and declawed and ready for a home. It’s as if being declawed is a good thing which makes her more adoptable.

What will happen when that poor mutilated cat has physical and/or mental problems from the declawing, will she end up back on the streets? Or in a Rescue Shelter to be killed in a kill shelter or to sit in a cage all her life in a no kill shelter. She would have been better off left on the streets and given the choice I’m sure she would have chosen to do that. Maybe someone else would have taken her in, someone who knows how cruel declawing is. It’s too late now, her toe ends can never be replaced.

What a pitiful person someone frightened of a little scratch must be! I wear my ‘scratches of love’ with pride if one of our cats accidentally scratches me, their claws are very essential and precious parts of them and I respect them as such.

Only once I was badly scratched by a cat, it was my own fault as I was holding her for the vet to examine her but she was so wild and frightened she bit my hand. I should have still held on to her, but she got free, jumped off the table and ran up my leg, scratching it all the way.

The bite was far worse than the scratches, my hand swelled painfully up and I had to go on antibiotics. Do those vets who declaw not think of how much worse than a scratch a cat bite is?

I think declawed cats when they have to go back to the place they were mutilated, remember the trauma, the pain and the fear and are so frightened that they despair and become malleable! I can imagine those vets thinking what a great job they did rendering an innocent animal to be like putty in their hands.

Well the day will come when declawing is banned and they will have to handle cats as cats, with claws. Let’s see how brave they are then!

Ruth aka Kattaddorra

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Michael Broad

Hi, I'm a 71-year-old retired solicitor (attorney in the US). Before qualifying I worked in many jobs including professional photography. I have a girlfriend, Michelle. I love nature, cats and all animals. I am concerned about their welfare.

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  • Rebel is very gentle until start playingg with him, ozzy is very feisty he tells me if i do something he doesnt like. Sometimes he will bite. but then will lick as in to say sorry. Smokey just digs his claws in. Tiger hardly ever puts his claws in apart from when he feels he neeeds
    to suckle on earlope or knead into me. been doing that since he was a kitty

  • Life here would be so much less interesting if my cats were declawed.
    I'm so accustomed and, really, look forward to their antics.
    Without claws, how would Corker (he's not the only one) climb the curtains and tight rope walk on the rods?.
    How would Cora dig her way to China in the litter box?
    How would Damon enjoy shredding the bath tissue?
    How would Dusty climb up my body to give me her special love nudges and licks?
    How would Lucky reach deep under the refrigerator and pull out "god knows what nasty thing" to play with?
    How would Pinky knead my head?
    How would Linus grab a throw rug and run with it?
    And, what would I do with all that spare time?

    • That reminds me of when Temuri used to live next door to us, he used to spend a lot of time in our house and one of his favourite pastimes was attacking our kitchen roll and kicking it to shreds with his back feet, the more we laughed the harder he kicked. He was such a lovely cat.

  • Great article and poster again Ruth, I've had scratches of anger, scratches of accident, scratches on my face of snuggling up in bed together, scratches of play, scratches of picking up clumsily, many, many a scratch and like you and all the POC family I really don't care because I already knew cats have claws so it came as no surprise when I got scratched. Life is full of hazards we're all going to get injured sometimes, snivelling cowards who declaw their cats will still get injured sometimes, but sadly usually not as painfully as the injuries they inflict on their cats.

    • Thanks Babz, yes unfortunately the cowards who declaw will never know the pain and trauma of that themselves, which is a great pity.

          • Going well at the pace the clinic and I mapped out. I'm getting 4-5 done per week, but it will get a lot harder and slower near the end. Plus, because I got a head start(THANKS TO ALL OF MY POC FRIENDS), I'll have the luxury of taking a break (maybe a week) at the halfway point
            So far, I'm very pleased with my new clinic. There is a 3 year rabies vaccine out, but they discouraged me from going for it because it carries a high risk for sarcoma. I would rather bust my butt every year if it means that my cats don't succumb to cancer because of a stupid vaccine.

          • Yes I agree Dee, it's just the laziness of cat caretakers putting their cats at risk of cancer.
            No doubt money is involved too, maybe the 3 year one is more profitable for vets. I wonder if they are encouraging it?
            I'm so glad our cats don't have to have compulsory rabies vaccinations in this country.

          • I'm glad it's going well and admire you very much in sticking to the yearly vaccine because of the risk from the 3 year one, even though it means more work for you. You are one of our very own PoC Earth Angels xx

          • Thanks, R.
            You know, I don't even know why that 3 year vaccine would even be an option for anyone knowing it is such a high risk for cancer. And, I mean REALLY high. Is it laziness on the part of caretakers? Do you think?

  • Lilly scratches me a couple times a day but we play alot. Also Lilly is a very rough player. She isn’t satisfied with gentle play she wants to get really crazy all the time and I have learn’t to not get scratched most of the time! Gigi is so out of touch with humans that she doesn’t even think about her claws and she will hurt me if I am not careful just because she hasn’t physically intewracted enough to know the scratching limits. Molly is relatively perfect on this front. She is so nice and gentle and she is careful with her claws - she’s the best cat she really is now a good and happy cat :)

    • so great too hear different types of play. Nice to hear what you said about mollly as shes red sister. Great to see shes happy now. Hope you gave them a lovely cuddle after last nights news.

    • Your cats are all very different then Marc and how well you know them all.
      Jozef is usually very gentle and I only get scratches from him when he launches from my arms. Walter won't hesitate to give a whack if he doesn't want any more fussing lol
      I LOVE their claws just as I love every other part of them :)

    • It's amazing how sometimes someone's comment can inspire a whole article and poster, thanks for this one Kylee x

  • Ruth aka Kattaddorra another excellent pictorial opinion on reasons for not de-clawing cats.

    • Thank you Rudolph, I'm always just trying to think up new ways to get the message across

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