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Love Your Cat or Dog? President Trump Doesn’t — 6 Comments

  1. The HPA was supposed to be signed and now once again it’s on the back burner to the delight of the so called trainers who put ‘ medical pads’ on their horses feet to produce the Big Lick. If any of the protestors want to find a time and place to do double duty it would be shutting one of the gaited horse shows down.
    The old rule for gaited was the knee should not break the 90 degree angle or in simpler terms the forearm on the horse should never raise more than parallel to the ground. All gaited breeds gait without gimmicks. The Big Lick is an unnatural freak show.

  2. A special thanks to you Michael Broad, for covering all that you do for the welfare of cats (who really need it). Thank you!

  3. Trump is for removing all regulations. It’s been hard enough to get (what I hope was) decent food for my pets, though the research said they weren’t following what was there. Now there’s nothing at all to keep poison and disease out of pet food, and and-spread carte’ blanche to abuse animals in general. Keith Olberman is kind of a jerk I know, but it seems the American people are tuned in to jerks these days. Maybe he’ll be heard. At least he’s sounding off about what a jerk the president is. I’d rather have anyone, ANYone else in office right now, and I’m no politics junkie. This is awful.

  4. From what I have seen and discussed with friends in the USA, the man is a petulant, paranoid, over-reacting, bigoted egotist who regards criticism as fake news and accuses others of (apparently non-existent) underhand tactics. What cat would want anything to do with him? Perhaps he has a stake in fur trading as well as in fossil fuel. He is so busy alienating people en masse that one wonders when the assassination attempts will begin.

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