Loving Friendship Between Shelter Cats in Cage

Cat friendship in a cage at a shelter

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This is very touching. It is sad, tender and beautiful all in one. The sad bit was created by humans – they are unwanted and caged. The beautiful bit was created by cats – the tender, loving relationship between them. I don’t know if the cats are related. I don’t think so.

A 219441 and A 219440 Two Bonded Sisters ♡♡ I Hope they get adopted together! ! Young Lady was looking at them Today and is considering…I have never seen 2 soo sweet together in Person before!

Posted by Friends of Cumberland Co, NC Shelter Animals on Thursday, September 3, 2015

You can see the bigger cat kneading and holding the little one. This cat needs friendship. Perhaps he/she has been there for a while and by fortune a newcomer has been placed in her cage and they get along beautifully or they are related.

We know domestic cats knead us all the time especially when on our lap. I think this is the first time I have seen an adult cat knead another adult cat (kittens knead their mom to stimulate milk flow). I believe it is unusual. Perhaps the stress of the situation brought it out.

The video supports what cat lovers understand: that cats form close friendships and have emotions similar to ours in many areas of interaction with other cats and us.

People who dislike cats play down these feline characteristics because they don’t want to be reminded that cats are sentient beings of equal value to humans – and why not? Cats don’t need to be second class and of “disposable value”.

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4 thoughts on “Loving Friendship Between Shelter Cats in Cage”

    • I do the exact same thing, Albert. If I could I’d take them all home with me, but we all know that’s hoarding and definitely wouldn’t end well.

  1. That was beautiful, Michael. Thanks for sharing. I hope those two lovelies find a forever home together really soon. Some people find it easy to demonize cats. They are sad, miserable creatures.

    • Yes, I’d defy anyone to demonise cats based on viewing this video but you are right. Some sad, miserable creature do demonise all cats.


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