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Loving Memories of Dr. Hush Puppy: A Sweet Farewell — 15 Comments

  1. While I’m sure it made him sad to leave you, he is ready for his next adventure. You gave him a wonderful life, and while I’m sure you’ll grieve in his absence, I truly believe he is out there, pouncing around on clouds, chasing things that flutter about, and saying, “this time it’s my turn to look over you and Daddy.” The love and family never ceases, only rearranges. Though I know that’s hard for us to grasp, especially in times of greatly missing one. So I pray ease upon your hearts, and mischief upon Sir Hub, as he proves over and over again to you, that he is still around, although now, in a different form. May God Bless you and your loving family.

  2. What a moving tribute to an extraordinary cat. I extend my deep condolences to you and Marty on the loss of dear, Dr. Hush Puppy. Siamese love is different somehow. My Siamese boy Merlin is 20 and his sister died a hair before her 16th birthday. Anyone blessed to know a good meezer is lucky.

    • Layla

      I just read your comment this morning and you are so right. There is something about Meezers and Orientals that are incredibly affectionate. They bond so deeply with us, and give us so much pleasure. Their silly antics and their insatiably curious minds keep us on our toes and bring so much laughter to us. Send head bonks to Merlin from all of us at the Singer household.

  3. What a love-filled tribute to Puppy. My kids were terribly saddened to hear of Puppy’s crossing, too, as they’ve known him and Hubble practically since you got them.

    Puppy is and was an amazing part of your family for 15 wonder-filled (as our late mutual friend Kandi used to say)years. As I think of that, I get the feeling that Kandi was there,along with Mousie, Gizmo, and Baby, meeting Puppy at the Rainbow Bridge.

    All our love and purrs,
    Rani & the clan

    P.S. Can you please email me the first pic of Puppy in this article? That’s how I want to remember him.

  4. Echoing all of the other posters’ thoughts and feelings, and I’ve emailed you, Jo. <3 ((((((((^^)))))))) <3 (O^^O)

  5. I’m so sorry Jo. I was hoping he’d hang on a bit longer for you. I really think you should write a book about all of his adventures. I personally would love to read about his entire life with you.

  6. Jo, thank you for sharing so much with us, at this painful time of grief and loss for your family. Dr. Hush Puppy was in good hands with you and Marty. I know how much your heart hurts, and am sorry.

    Your photograph of Dr. Hush Puppy has captured his exquisite sleek beauty, and feline nature. And the one with Marty is very sweet and trusting.

    It would be such a blessing if more cats had guardians like you.

  7. I know that you have fought well to save his life and to give him a slightly longer life and at the end of the day you made the right decision. It must’ve been a really tough one. That decision to let your cat go at the right time is terribly difficult. Thanks a lot, Jo, for sharing the experience. Your article was very tenderly written. The best of luck and may he rest in peace.

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