Lucey is a Maine Coon I Think

Lucey is a Maine Coon I Think

by Retto

Lucey, '08

Lucey, '08

We got our cat from a rescue shelter as well, though we are not completely sure she is a Maine Coon, but she strongly resembles Maines. She's the most beautiful cat I have ever seen and she is so full of character. It would be terrible if she could talk but she is a loving cat. Her name is Lucey. She is now 9 years old as of April. Her name, rightfully given to her, is Lucey.

Hi, Retto, this is Michael, I run this website - thanks a lot for sharing your story of Lucey who you think is a Maine Coon cat. I love Lucey! She is truly beautiful. I agree with you, Retto, she really does look like a Maine Coon. You could almost bet that she was a Maine Coon cat. But if she was purebred the rescue center could have given you some information on that. Sometimes they can even given documents that prove the cat is a purebred. A colleague of mine who calls herself Valley Girl and who has a Blog also adopted a Maine Coon from a sanctuary. Here are a series of posts about her Maine Coon cat she named Tootsie (she is a polydactyl cat - more than the usual number of toes hence the name). I changed the title a bit to make your submission easier for Google to find. Thanks again Retto.

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