Lucky Duck

by Wayne J
(Lancaster, PA, USA)



Now Then

I was in the market for an exotic cat and thought that getting an Ocicat would be neat, never thinking that anything with any wildcat in it could be afforded by me on my low budget.

Then I started to remember the wonderful random assortment at the local SPCA.

So I gave up the hope and went looking online. Surprise! Listed as an Ocicat was a beautiful Savannah/Bengal non-standard (even white mits).

He has a white tipped gold coat, black Savannah spots mostly with just a few spots looking more like bigger bagel spots same color. He showed up there 3 months prior as a kitten, now a little older and a lot bigger and was labeled as an adult.

I have pictures of at first drop to adoption. Even though I have no papers to prove the breed, I have a cat that looks unmistakably Savannah to the details: long legs and body, gold teardrop eyes, faded ear marking on big ears. He behaves like a best friend, follows me, plays in water, gets along well with the other pets at home (dog too), can catch anything that moves, and talks up a conversation very often.

Bottom line, watch your kittens closely. Mine seems to be able to figure out how to go and do what ever he wants. Glad we have a bond that most likely is what keeps him here. If you're wondering what he looks like, a very close spitting image is featured on the back of all the Hills Science Diet dry bags.

Also a striking resemblance of a cat featured on the Nov. 2010 cover Cat Fancy magazine, could pass as his sibling, and the cat on the magazine poster has his tail perfect match and body size.

I'll never know how he became a stray, but I'll keep him forever. I guess he is an f5, who knows? He may not be a lap cat, but he stays close by. I'll close with the SPCA adoption fee,

Wayne J

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Lucky Duck

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Oct 09, 2010 Lucky Duck
by: Ruth

What a beautiful cat !
Isn't it heartbreaking that some ignorant and cruel people have cats like that declawed ?
It's unthinkable !!!!!

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Oct 08, 2010 pretty cool
by: Anonymous

this riles which means thin rules

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