Lucky — The Family Cat

Lucky — The Family Cat

by Freddy Valen
(New Haven, CT. USA)

Lucky The Family Cat.

Lucky The Family Cat.

Hey there,

Our Maine Coon's name is "Lucky", he is 19 months old, all black cat, that we bought from a pet store.

Lucky is a very mellow, lovable cat, he's quite keen to taking baths and Loves our two daughters, he especially loves to stalk and pounce on them, with the heart of a lion and the tenderness of a bunny...

His favorite pass time is to hang out on the windows and when he feels lonely, he often meows to be let in to one of our bedrooms.

We are very Lucky to Have "Lucky" as a part of our family.

Freddy Valen

Hi Freddy: Thanks for the submission. Lucky is a very glamorous looking cat. I lightened the image a bit so we can see him a little better. Hope that is OK...Michael (PoC Admin).

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Lucky -- The Family Cat

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Jun 06, 2009 Picture
by: Michael (PoC Admin)

Hi, for some reason the pic disappeared. Fortunately I spotted this (by luck) and fixed it. If there is another photo please upload it using the same form and I will merge the two submissions. Sorry for losing the picture for a while. I have no idea why it happened.


Jun 06, 2009 Pic
by: Anonymous

cant see your pic???

Jun 06, 2009 Very Beautiful Coon
by: Anonymous

Awesome looking cat....

Jun 06, 2009 Thank you|!!!!
by: Freddy

Thank you for the compliment!|!!

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