Lucy Letby’s two cats have been rehomed

Lucy Letby has given up her cats to be rehomed as she is sentenced to the rest of her life behind bars
Lucy Letby’s arrest at top right and her police interrogation at bottom left. Collage: MikeB from images believed to be in the public domain.
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NEWS AND VIEWS: This is the sad, little cat story behind the Lucy Letby story. The world knows about her and the fact that she was convicted of murdering seven babies in a neonatal unit at the Countess of Chester Hospital between June 2015 and June 2016 while employed as a nurse. She was also convicted of trying to kill six other babies. She got away with it for a long time partly because of bad management.

The judge at her trial sentenced her to a lifetime behind bars namely a “whole life order”. That means the life she had has been erased which in turn means that she has had to give up two cats that she kept as companions, Tigger and Smudge. In addition to that her new home, which he recently bought, has been sold.

Maybe there’s a little bit of interest in the fact that Lucy Letby, one of Britain’s all-time leading mass murderers, lived with a couple of domestic cat companions.

I mean, she behaved in a way that would encourage you to describe her as a nice person because anybody who lives with a couple of domestic cats and treats them nicely, as I presume she did, should be regarded as a decent person.

But, of course, Lucy Letby isn’t a decent person. She is a sinister, mass murderer. Putting on a very bland and normal face while at the same time murdering highly vulnerable infants and afterwards carrying on as if nothing had happened; behaving entirely normally which is partly why she got away with these murders for so long. Nobody could believe that she was an evil, cruel murderer. She was actually evil in plain sight of everybody else.

She didn’t kill the babies under the cover of darkness. She was apparently just doing her nursing business as usual but poisoning the babies rather than nurturing them. The ultimate breach of trust and deserving, therefore, of a whole life sentence without any possibility of parole.

We don’t know how the cats were rehomed. I suspect that Lucy Letby’s parents or a friend found a new owner for them and it was done that way rather than seeking the help of an animal rescue center.

Although some news websites say that the cats have been made homeless. I think that is untrue. There is no need for them to be homeless as Letby’s parents or friends can ensure that the cats are placed in good homes.

Bing AI says this about her cats:

 She adopted them from a rescue centre and lived with them in her house in Chester. According to some news reports, the cats had to be rehomed after Letby was arrested in 2018. She was very fond of her pets and often mentioned them in her messages to her friends and family.

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4 thoughts on “Lucy Letby’s two cats have been rehomed”

  1. Doesn’t the UK have camera’s in the nursery? Here in US most hospital record the nursery room so people like her can’t kill or harm the babies. It also pretty much stopped kidnappings. Such a shame they didn’t catch her sooner. What did they think was happening with so many dead babies?

    1. Yes, it looks awful. This is a very involved and lengthy story. Four consultant surgeons told the management that they thought she was up to no good and possibly killing babies. The management refused to listen to them and in fact asked two of the leading surgeons to apologise to her!! So essentially the senior management at this hospital blocked any investigation because that is the way it is with the NHS. They hide from these revelations. They want to suppress them to keep things quiet and they risk the lives of their patients when they do so. They put their position, their job, over the lives of patients which is shocking. The management at this hospital should be charged with corporate manslaughter or something like that but in the UK we are far too soft on these things. This country is broken in my view. Eventually the evidence built up to the point where the management had to listen to the surgeons and she was arrested at her home. The trial took 10 weeks because the evidence was circumstantial. They didn’t have any really hard evidence but she was convicted and has been sent to prison for the rest of her life. She will never get out on parole.

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