Luka Magnotta’s mom claims third hand in video belongs to ‘Manny’

A conspiracy theory claims that Luka Magnotta was not acting alone when he suffocated two tabby kittens in a vacuum bag on video. You can see that disturbing video on this website which has been seen many thousands of times (click this).

Magnotta's mom and the third hand
Magnotta’s mom and the third hand. Photos: TMZ. Montage: PoC.
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Magnotta’s mom, Anna Yourkin, says that something needs to be done as she is convinced that her son was not acting alone when he killed the kittens. She claims that a mysterious person called ‘Manny’ helped him and that the authorities are ignoring the evidence: a third hand entering into the video which is the hand of Manny aka Emanuel ‘Manny’ Lopez. Magnotta has claimed that Manny forced him to kill.

However, the Netflix documentary hints or claims that Manny is a fictional person based on a character in the film Basic Instinct. I think the argument is that Magnotta created the fictional character as he is a paranoid schizophrenic and it justifies his behavior. As I recall he used this as part of his defence at trial.

In the Netflix film, ‘DON’T F**K WITH CATS’, the third hand does not move. A full explanation has not been provided and Luka’s mom says it has to be Manny’s. She also said that her son emailed her a photo of Manny before the kitten-killing video and that he told her not to open it unless something happened to him. Anna also claims that Interpol seized the email and the alleged photo of Manny.

My son phoned me and told me, so I assume that hand is Manny’s hand. The police should investigate, they have it right there, they can do something

Netflix fans have branded Magnotta’s mom delusional. She also claims the police have stopped her releasing a picture of ‘Manny’.

Delusional mom?
Delusional mom?

TMZ also report that there is a family rift because Magnotta is trying to run a publicity campaign behind bars.


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