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Lykoi Kitten Video — 8 Comments

  1. We have found several new Natural Mutations from people contacting us and have been given/sold several for use in our breeding program. We most recently drove to Vermont and brought back 8 cats total from a colony owned by a woman who contacted me. 5 of these cats were Lykoi and 3 were carriers of the recessive gene per the owner who had several accidntal litters over the past 3 years from this growing colony. We were also able to help her get the cats she kept altered to prevent her situation from gettign out of control again. All cats have been DNA tested and do not carry the sx/dr gene. Dr Leslie Lyons can actually identify this gene now after working with our breed group’s dna.

  2. I read about the “werewolf” cat last year and I don’t believe that this is a natural mutation. The people who created the Lykoi are vet Johnny Gobble (with a specialist interest in genetics) and his wife Brittany who is a breeder of Sphynx cats. She’s been extensively outcrossing her Sphynx and I suspect the Lykoi is a result of one of those matings.

    Personally, I think it’s unethical to base a breed “trait” on a mutation which is harmful or non-beneficial to the cat. Sad to say there will always be people looking for the next novelty pet who’re happy to pay exorbitant prices and they keep these unscrupulous breeders in business.

    • unethical to base a breed “trait” on a mutation which is harmful or non-beneficial to the cat.

      Yes, thanks Michele for reminding me of that. Natural mutations occur but unless they benefit the organism the mutated version dies out. But if the mutation is beneficial it becomes permanent. In the instance, if it is a mutation it is not beneficial so it would not last. So “natural mutations” are not always good. There must have been millions of lost, never to be seen, natural mutations in nature over the eons.

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