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Lyme Disease in Cats (reinforcing an indoor lifestyle) — 10 Comments

  1. Dee, I hate to disagree with you, but Lyme Disease is far more common here in Florida than previously believed. In fact there are a growing number of Lyme Disease support groups in our state that folks can now connect with.

    The problem with Lyme Disease is cats is there is no vaccine yet available to prevent this devastating disease from occuring in our kitties. Therefore the best solution is using a very high quality flea and tick control product on any cats that go outdoors. It take only one tick that is infected with the bacteria-

    It took ME two years to be diagnosed with Lyme (in New York) back when I was infected in 1989 and not diagnosed until 1991. I am chronic now as a result of not being treated immediately.

    So I would suggest putting it back on your list of outdoor dangers to cats. Seriously.

    • I remember you writing about having Lyme.
      I didn’t realize that it is as prevalent here as you’re saying. Duly added to the list.
      Just out of curiosity, does having had Lyme prevent you from donating blood or organs?

        • Michael,

          My doc told me that we cannot donate blood. Spirochetes do hide in the body- So that is why I am not able to donate blood. Spirochetes are the same type of bacteria as Sphylis bacteria, although they are not related.

      • Dee, sadly yes. I cannot donate blood or organs.

        Still have them spirochetes circulating somewhere in my body.

        The thing is that deer are not only the vector. Birds, mice, and other critters carry ticks. How can you stop birds and other wildlife from crossing over state borders?

  2. Lots of ticks here but not many of the species that transmit Lyme. So, I have to discount Lyme as one of the reasons for keeping a cat indoors.
    Ticks aren’t even on my list of outdoor dangers for cats.

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