Lynda – Kurilian Bobtail Breeder, Pensacola, FL

by Lynda Wagner
(Pensacola, FL USA)

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My first encounter with the Kurilian Bobtail was as a child living in Northern Japan. An
elderly couple who had left Sakhalin Island had brought their Kurilian with them.

I loved that cat and he was my constant companion for the time we lived there. Their son, who spoke English, finally told us the story of this cat.

For many years I looked to find this breed and finally in 2009 I found a breeder here in the USA and then finally went to Czech Republic to
bring back my first Kurilian.

I have since gone back to get two more. They are the sweetest, most affectionate cats I have ever known despite their sometimes wild look.

I now am a TICA registered breeder – SunnyKurilians.

They are a joy to raise, and remain kitten like
for longer than the average kitten because they mature more slowly.

Here is a video of a Kurilian Bobtail on a farm at Sakhalin, Russia. This is the area where the Kurilian Bobtail comes from.

This map shows where the island is:

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Read more about the Kurilian Bobtail.

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Lynda – Kurilian Bobtail Breeder, Pensacola, FL

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Feb 10, 2012
Wild look NEW
by: Michael

The Kurilian Bobtail in the video has a very wild look, which I like. The appearance is something I have not seen before in a domestic cat.

He seems very natural. Was there talk that this breed originally came from a wild cat? If so what kind? There are no small wild cats in that region.


Feb 08, 2012
Love this breed NEW
by: Michael

Thanks for visiting and showing us your Kurilian Bobtails. They are pretty rare it seems to me in the USA.

Of course Helmi Flick photographed a Kurilian but when I visited her (twice) we didn’t see a Kuriian at the cat shows.

I like this breed a lot. Are they more popular or better known in Eastern Europe, Russia and Japan?


11 thoughts on “Lynda – Kurilian Bobtail Breeder, Pensacola, FL”

  1. We had a cat come up to our house and at first thought it was a manx and began checking further and we are convinced it is a kurilian bobtall. evidently someone was cruel to this baby and I have been trying to get it to settle down. When it wants too, it can be very loving. I really would like to find it a home and it needs understanding and tlc. I already have 4 cats . Some people should be shot for mistreating this beautiful animal. Will be glad to send a pic. if you are interested.

    • We had a beautiful & very loving stray male cat that adopted us a few yrs. ago & possibly would like to find another that looks similar. The cat in the video looks very much like our beloved friend. What color & description is the cat you have? Thank You!

      • Hi M, Jacobs, this cat is a very rare purebred pedigree cat from the Far East of Russia originally, called a Kurilian Bobtail. The video was made in Russia, on a farm in the East of the country. Sorry. But there are some American breeders. You’ll have to buy one though. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

        • Yes, I understand all the facts of this beautiful cat, nevertheless, we were very blessed to have found a cat, (we lived close to an rv park in Fl. where people from all over the US come for the winter, perhaps he was lost from there) w/ not only similar outward appearance, but exactly the same mannerisms of great intelligence & insatiable need to have our almost constant attention, (even before food)! He passed away & I am heartbroken! Also aware that he could have been an Am. Bobtail, or even Pixiebob. Thank you for posting this wonderful video, reminding me of our own past happy days. He followed me around like a dog & cried @ the door until I appeared, laid on my computer when I was working, opened drawers w/ his paws, took fresh flowers very carefully from a vase & never spilled a drop! Climbing to the very highest point in our home was one of his favorite pastimes, & loved to be carried around by our 9 yr. old grandaughter. He is sorrowfully missed, but we are very thankful to have had the pleasure of his company for some time! God bless you!

          • Hi m jacobs, he sounds wonderful. A really special cat and I am sorry to hear of his passing. I know how you feel by the way. I still feel the loss of my cats, many years after their passing. Good luck.

  2. I have a bobtail that looks exactly like the kurilian on the russian farm video. I have tried repeatadly to play that video again from your website but it is just not there. Please help if you can. I would very like to have that video. Thanks.

    • Hi, the video plays fine for me. Not sure what your problem is. The video is great as the cat is a genuine Russian Kurilian Bobtail. The real item!


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