Lynx size compared to domestic cat

Put another way: how big is a lynx compared to a house cat? It depends on the species of lynx. There are four species: Canada, Iberian and Eurasian and the bobcat. The Eurasian is by far the largest. The video below provides us with a nice size comparison between a lynx and a domestic cat. I believe that the lynx in this video is a Eurasian lynx.


The domestic cat weights around 4 kg.

The Canada lynx is a medium-sized cat weighing approximately 8-11 kg, more than twice domestic cat weight. They resemble bobcats. The Canada lynx normally measures less than a metre in length from the nose to the end of the shortened 10-15 cm tail.

The Eurasian lynx also looks like a bobcat except that it is much larger, longer-legged and has bigger feet. Males in Romania waeigh around 17.5 kg and females about 16 kg. Ten male Eurasian lynx in Russia weighed an average of 19.6 kg (Wild Cats of the World). Four male Eurasian lynx in Poland weighed 21.7 kg on average. The Eurasian lynx is about four times the weight and more of the domestic cat.

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The Iberian lynx weighs around 9 kg for females and around 13 kg for males. These are rough averages but they tell you that they are similar in size to the Canada lynx with the Eurasian lynx being by far the largest. So, when you ask the question in the title you really have to specify which species of lynx you are referring to.

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It is not clear in the video which species of lynx is being shown as the three species are similar in appearance and the video quality is not great. My guess is that this is a Eurasian lynx judging by size and that the video was made in Europe somewhere or perhaps in Russia. This is a captive lynx and the calico cat friend sneaked into his enclosure. It appears that the video was made through a glass barrier but that’s a guess.

The lynx needed a companion and is thankful that the female domestic cat needed friendship too. So much for cats being solitary ?. The Eurasian lynx is solitary in the wild. Captivity has changed this behavior. This may be a partly tame lynx.

Eurasian lynx size comparison with domestic cat
Eurasian lynx size comparison with domestic cat. Screenshot.
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