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Lynx to be reintroduced into Britain after 1,300 years — 4 Comments

  1. When wolves were re-introduced into Yellowstone Park in 1995 it brought some unexpected benefits. The wolves were originally brought into to control elk numbers, but it restored a more natural balance to the rivers, plants, forests etc., within the park.

    I would love to see Lynx again in Britain. It could be good for tourism and our ecosystem. We just need to ensure that a heavy fine or prison term is automatically handed out to anyone who might try to hunt them.

    Michael do you know if the Lynx UK Trust are running any kind of on-line poll or petition to canvass public opinion?

    • Michele, I don’t know of a poll or online questionnaire or whatever.

      It have heard about the wolf rewilding. It is good to see. I bet there were some objections though. The wolf was almost exterminated as I understand it. Not a good natural relationship between wolf and human.

      I’d be more proud of Britain if we have some more large wild species. We wiped them all out centuries ago.

      There is a problem though with a rapidly increasing human population. With the lynx, we’d have the same sort of clashes between lynx and human as takes places all the time between tiger and human in Bangladesh and India.

      Perhaps one day the north of Scotland will become a huge nature reserve for British large wild species provided they can accept the weather.

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