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Lynx Wild Cat Chewed His Way Out Of Dartmoor Zoo to Return to His Mother? — 4 Comments

  1. This sounds more like a case of throwing a predator into an unfamiliar territory without acclimating him properly than a search for his mother. Lynx are solitary animals. Unnatural behaviors do occur with captive breeding though.

    • Yes, it could be the case. Apparently the lynx has been feeding from food put down by the zoo keepers so it seems he is not that far from the zoo he escaped from.

  2. Yes. It sounds to me that he was ripped away from his mother way too early. She didn’t have the time to provide the proper skills he would need to be without her. They need to be reunited for a while.
    He needs his mommy.
    For skeptics who don’t believe in the mother/baby cat memory…it is keen. I deal with mother cats all of the time that groom and love on their adult kits all of the time.

  3. Perhaps he was sent away to soon? [YES he Was]

    My domestic Maine Coon ‘MaMa-Theo’ nursed one of her babies for almost 5 month’s. this cat’s name is Zoe & she is sensitive and shy and still dependent at the age of 10. Each of Theo’s females are still here with her all they are all unique individuals***

    My deepest hope is that they find ‘Flaviu’ and return him to his MaMa; but we live in a selfish world. He is the type that could quickly starve.

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